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You can see the Greed.
Near the Kur Mountains Portal
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:

I'm a free agent! Not signed with any clan! Clans always want me to raise an army of zombies. So boring! Necromancy has so much more to offer!

Jumjab is a wandering Goblin Necromancer currently camped out in Eltibule. He requires 35 Goblinese to understand. Jumjab uses Corpse Talking to speak with the dead. He offers his services as a method to find the lost treasures of loved ones. He's been having a hard time getting business, on account of him being a goblin. Percy Evans wants Jumjab to tell him how his dead wife's spirit is doing. Jumjab wants to be paid first. Jumjab also agrees with the Goblin system of slavery.

Spoiler for Soul Mates level of Favor

Quest Spoiler: Percy Evan's wife

Jumjab used to teach the ability Create Super Zombie. In the Dec 20, 2018 patch, it was merged into the skill icon_2195.png Raise Zombie.


Up the path from the Kur Mountains Portal, and a little east.

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Everything

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Friends 30 1,500
Close Friends 2,000
Best Friends 2,500
Like Family
Soul Mates

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Bones Hint
  • Loves Hearts
  • Likes Equipment with Necromancy Prerequisites


  • Fetish Bag at Friends Hint



At [Friends]
Jumjab will offer to teach Corpse Talking for 1000 coins to anyone with level 20+ Necromancy
At [Like Family]
Jumjab gives you 5x


 1000 councils   [Friends] 
icon_2197.png Heart's Power  20    ??? councils   [??] 
icon_2197.png Heart's Power 2  60    10998 councils   [Like Family] 
icon_3429.png Wave of Darkness  24    ??? councils   [??] 
icon_3429.png Wave of Darkness 2  34    ??? councils   [??] 
icon_3429.png Wave of Darkness 3  44    ??? councils   [??] 
icon_3429.png Wave of Darkness 4  54    9306 councils   [Like Family] 
icon_3429.png Wave of Darkness 5  64    14006 councils   [Like Family] 

Hang Out

Listen to Jumjab ramble about his life (2hr)

20 favor with Jumjab
1 Jumjab's Necrogloves (gloves with necro gem embedded)

Help Jumjab sell his services to local humans (8hr)

65 favor with Jumjab
1200 Corpse Talking XP

Help Jumjab prepare fetish bags (2h)

20 favor with Jumjab
200 Corpse Talking XP
5 Fetish bag