Anagoge Records Facility

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Anagoge Records Facility
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Anagoge Records Facility (map).png
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The Anagoge Records Facility is a training, storage, and records facility once maintained by the once prestigious Stronmar Academy. The facility was constructed under the storm-blown Island of Anagoge, a hard to visit place far from Statehelm.

Points of Interest

1. Log Room

Upon entering the Anagoge Records Facility, an ornate room containing a few tables and shelves is found. A Log Book is found in this room, alongside several Records Golems.

2. Strange Barrier

The Strange Barrier is a magical barrier intended to keep people from accessing one of the record rooms of Stronmar Academy, as well as testing rooms beyond. A test of worldly knowledge is presented when the wall is interacted with, and was created by the Academy Proctors to keep out students not ready for what lies beyond.

As you touch the wall, a voice in your head says,

"A Prodigy must know the lore. How many godlings?"

— Strange Barrier

A previous visitor to the Anagoge Records Facility seems to have lost a few of his notes. A Torn Page can be found in this area. Other fragments of books can be found scattered elsewhere. Perhaps one of them has the answer to get through the door.

3. Storage Rooms

Easily accessible from the main entrance, a long hallway can be found. Ingredients and materials for the Teleportation Department of Stronmar Academy were once stored here, but only a few barrels remain. Mushrooms, bewitched rats, and a Proctor's Journal can be found in the storage rooms alongside this hallway.

4. Dalvos's Re-purposed room.

At the end of the main hallway, an undead named Gajus the Big-Headed may be found. He's quite unhappy, and will curse any who challenge him.

5. Protected Storage Rooms

These rooms were used by the Academy Proctors to hold more dangerous items used at the Academy. Weapons, books, and potions have been stored here. It seems that the criminal Dalvos, the former Council member, reorganized some of this area to use in his experiments. Some of his notes are most alarming. A tree found grown in one room suggest that he has been making progress with the Naturesphere...

Although is is dead now, this tree apparently grew here, straight out of the basement floor.

A flurry of snow whips continuously around the upper branches.

— Snowy Tree

Among other things, the Strange Barrier also kept in any escaped creatures. It is assumed that the Academy used some of the rooms to breed rats, but Dalvos modified them for his monsters. A Well-Chewed Page found in one of the pens suggests that not only were Brain Bugs created here, but experiments were performed on Mantis!

Juding by the condition of these mattresses and blankets, the brain bugs have been happily breeding here since their creator left them behind.

— Brain Bug Nest

Dalvos also repurposed the various Anagoge Records Facility Golems to serve him. The normally peaceful Records Workers won't put up much of a fight, but can still cause trouble.

Initiating violent assault as per override DALVOS-1.

Records Worker

6. Prodigy Testing Area

Beyond the Protected Storage Rooms, an explorer might find a maze-like series of rooms designed not only to store records for Stronmar Academy, but to provide another test to students brought here by Proctors. This test involves another Strange Barrier, this one protected by an illuminating puzzle.

As you touch the wall, a voice in your head says:

"A Prodigy must spread light wherever they go."

— Strange Barrier

The completion of this puzzle will reward explorers or Prodigies with chests of treasure. The book Automatons and Their Weaknesses is often granted to those who complete this test. It does not appear that Dalvos tampered with anything in this part of the Facility, although the presence of Undead may be thanks to him.

7. Secret Exit

In the depths of the record rooms, a crumbling wall reveals an escape tunnel that leads landward, exiting in Serbule Hills. Pulling a lever on the floor will lift a boulder, allowing passage through the Serbule Hills Spider Cave.

Although the boulder will block the passage after a short period of time, hidden in a passage near the boulder is a second lever that allows for a return to the Anagoge Records Facility.

Anagoge Records Facility Inhabitants





        Throughout the Anagoge Records Facility, supplies for the former academy can be found and looted. Inside the portion of the basement used for storage, many consumable liquids can be gathered.




        • When the dungeon was first added, a large boulder blocked the passage that would eventually lead to the Serbule Hills Spider Cave.