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Statehelm is a city located located on Alharth in the Council Lands. The city is the current seat for the remaining five members of the Council. Tok of the Eighth Pod detected extremely potent magic on the Council grounds in the city. He described it as "an interplanar rift of such magnitude that an entire army could have waltzed through it." The Council grounds have security measures in place, strong enough to incinerate an entire sub-pod of demons.

- Nelson Ballard, Praetor of Serbule mentions that a sex-change machine has been installed in Statehelm. He suggests that the machine is used to deal with those "light in the loafers."
- Leonard Allenson mentions that Serbule is around 2,000 miles away.
- Helena Veilmoor is a member of the famous Veilmoor blacksmith family, based out of this city.