Tok of the Eighth Pod

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Tok of the Eighth Pod, Master of Skulking is a Demon who resided in the town of Fallowglade. Tok serves the Demon Berelius, Queen of All Things, Benevolent Goddess of Light and Dark.
- Tok has multiple tentacles, one of which he lost after consuming raw meat in front of a Crone.
- Tok mounted an infiltration of Statehelm to discover the current movements of the Council. His entire Sub-pod was incinerated.
- Tok requested one of Her Majesty’s Blades of Irrefutability be sent to him in Fallowglade.
- Tok's current status is unknown.

Tok's Letter

Tok's Letter is a document recovered by Raul and sent to Raine, twelve years after the message was sent. The Letter is a report on The Council Lands, and the Crones.