Gajus the Big-Headed

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Gajus the Big-Headed
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Crushing, Fire
Very Ineffective:
Poison, Trauma
Gajus the Big-Headed is the first boss a new player is likely to encounter. He has the ability to curse you. He will inflate your head making you incapable of wearing helmets. Cure this by either slaying him. You may also, of course, enjoy your big head instead.

Gajus was one of Dalvos's experiments in the Anagoge Records Facility on Anagoge Island. When Dalvos was forced to abandon the island, Gajus was left behind.

Error: Item not found

My brain enhancement gems work on animals, and I believe they can work on humans, too. Found a hapless test subject. The hags cleared away most of its intelligence so it should be easy to see if he becomes smarter. Gem slivers have been injected into his forehead, and now we wait and see.

... clearly smarter, but unintended physical deformity...

I have been able to teach the test subject some rudimentary fire magic, which he has taken to with ease...

... attempted to infest me with my own brain-growth crystals, screaming that he would make me a freak like he is. Had to put him down.

... decided to reanimate the test subject. As I suspected, the intelligence is permanent, even through death! If I could just correct the hideous disfigurement, I would have a miracle treatment!

... must leave cave. Test subject can fend for itself

Records Golem C


Anagoge Records Facility
Vitals: Health 386 Armor 133 Rage 196
Location: Found in a small room at the end of the hallway with all the barrels.

Combat Abilities


icon_3069.png Ranged Fire Damage
Rage-icon.png icon_5372.png Heavy Ranged Crushing Damage and Curse


Skin: None
Meat: None
Skull: None

Reported Loot

First Kill Loot
First Kill Loot: 3 miscellaneous items.
Repeat Kill Loot: 1 miscellaneous item.


Level 10-15 Skill Mods


General Loot


- Your head and brain have grown! You can't wear headgear, but you gain +25 Power. This is a permanent curse; you must defeat Gajus to remove it.


Approaching Gajus will cause an alert box to pop up, which explains Boss curses.

Intuition Warning: Danger Ahead! Text

Some thoughts of Gajus can also be heard.

At least I don't have neck muscles to strain anymore.

I can wait forever. He said he'd return, and when he does...

I will inflict my disfigurement on everyone!

My head! I'm a freak!

Big heads for all!

Combat Quotes

You Think I'm funny? I'll Show you funny!

Look what he did to my head!