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A bone.
Value: 1

Femurs are one of the most common items in Project:Gorgon. They are used in a wide variety of recipes and are required for a few Necromantic abilities.

How to Obtain

  • Has a chance to drop from most enemies in the game.
  • Has a particularly high chance of dropping from undead.
  • Can be obtained while butchering a corpse.


Gifting Femurs will increase [Favor Level] with:


  • Can be given to Lawara on the starting island for favor. (Once you have enough favor she will give you an ).
  • After gaining favor with Therese to [Close Friends], she will teach you a recipe how to make Bone Meal from Any Bone. can be useful to create for Gardening.
  • Required to use Necromancy abilities such as Raise Skeletal Swordsman, Raise Skeletal Archer, and Raise Skeletal Battle Mage.