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A sentient mushroom.
Zone: Myconian Cave
Location: First room after entering.
Beast Speak: Yes

Hello again! Shop with me! I enjoy the sensation of taking your money!

Way is a Myconian shopkeeper located in the Myconian Cave. Way enjoys collecting strange knick-knacks created by Humans, and has been attempting to create clothing for Myconians. So far, he has failed.


Myconian Cave
In the first room after entering

Items Purchased

  • Everything (max price per unit: 371 -- unconfirmed)

Spending Limits

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 125 6,250
Comfortable 150 7,500
Friends 8,750
Close Friends 10,000
Best Friends 12,500
Like Family 15,000
Soul Mates 17,500


 100 councils 
 100 councils 
 75 councils 
 150 councils 
 150 councils 
 250 councils 

Small Talk

  • Likes Vendor Trash Hint
  • Likes Storage Crates Hint
  • Likes Textiles Hint


  • Way's Lost Yo-Yo : Obtain Way's Lucky Yo-Yo. Hint
  • Fixing Way's Yo-Yo : Obtain String. Hint