Myconian Cave

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Myconian Cave
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Map of Myconian Cave (click for larger size)
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25 - 35
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

The Myconian Cave is located underneath one of the many giant mushrooms spread about Northwest Serbule. Named for its fungoid inhabitants, the cave provides adventurers a good source for both harvestable and lootable mushrooms. Although the primary surface entrance to the cave system has collapsed, there are other methods of entry. Any Tall Mushroom will allow entrance to individuals who can speak their native tongue (Myconic). Mushrooms granting entry can often be found throughout the northern woods of Serbule, but are especially common around the Eltibule portal, the Brain Bug Cave, and on the northern shore of the western pond.

Points of Interest

Myconian Safe Zone

Individuals who speak with a Tall Mushroom and are teleported into the Myconian Cave will find themselves in a two-room mushroom garden which is home to a handful of Myconians willing to speak with outsiders. Mysteriously, a Council-constructed teleportation platform can be found inside the cave, just south of the exit portal.


Tremor is a Myconian hostile to outsiders, and can bestow a curse on those who challenge him. While fighting on the same side as Tidal, Tremor often mulls over if he should be the boss, and not Tidal. Hand-drawn diagrams (a lore item) discarded by a magic-user can be found lying on the floor in the room he commands.

Greta's Nest

Greta is a larger than normal Garden-Tender type creature which has established a nest in the Myconian Cave. It is the subject of a favor quest for the Myconians and otherwise does not have any special loot.

Flooded Caves

The deepest parts of the Myconian Cave are flooded, with water depths ranging from boot-height to well above the head of a humanoid. Two Myconians make these tunnels their home, the peaceful Poe and the hostile Tidal.

Poe is a quest-granting Myconian who is regretful of their history with Mu. Poe once explored the land above, traveling far from Serbule and learning the art of Jewelry Augmentation.

Tidal is a hostile boss Myconian and curse-giver encountered on a small island in the flooded caves, protected by a couple of summoned Tornadoes. The tornadoes can be dangerous to adventurers relying on Fire Magic, as their knockback attacks push their targets into the water, thus making Fire Magic spells unavailable until the user reaches dry land.


Yoy is a placeholder as of the alpha. He says "I will have tasks for you, but I'm not yet Implemented!".`

Myconian Cave Inhabitants



Special Foes



(Mycology 15)
(Mycology 20)
(Mycology 25)
(Mycology 30)
(Mycology 40)
(disguised as Coral)

Minerals & Metal

Adventurer's Pack


Tremor's Chest

Greta's Chest

Poe's Chest


  • In addition to the many harvestable mushrooms, many foes can also be looted for mushrooms.
  • In the Tidal area, Fire Mages may have to hug the sides of the room or attack from a dry patch of land at the back of Tidal's room.
  • To enter the cave, 8 levels in the Myconic language skill is needed. To talk to many of the NPCs inside the cave, 10 levels or more is required.


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  • During the early Beta, a small hole in the dungeon wall allowed characters to swim from Myconian Cave to just outside of Borghild, as both dungeons share the same dungeon-zone.