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He looks depressed.
Inside a shack near the dock.
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Wait, you look optimistic. That was a joke! You can't swim to Serbule. If the extreme currents didn't kill you, the devil sharks would. No, you're stuck here.

Riger is a depressed Elf trapped on Anagoge. He has been on the island for a while, and remembers little of his past life. His only possession is a Psychology book, but refuses to let strangers read from it.


Riger is always found inside his ruined shack just up the path from the Anagoge dock.


  • Cheer Up Riger [Neutral] - When you first awoke on an island, you met an elf named Riger who seemed depressed and asked for something to cure his depression. Unfortunately, he wasn't clear about what that might be. Hint

Reward for Cheer Up Riger

Reward: 100 Alchemy XP, Permission to read Riger's Book which teaches the combat skill Psychology.


Oh. So you're the corpse they tossed on the beach. I guess you weren't dead. Well, welcome to hell island. There's no way off this island and you'll soon die like the others.
Who are you?
I think my name is Riger. That's what a crone called me once. They stole my memories. Ripped them from my head! My skills, too! I mean, I can barely read now. I have to assume I knew a lot of things, but now... nothing. Do you know who you are?
It's all hazy...
The crones called you (player name) when they tossed you here. One of them said you might be a Prodigy, but ... well, a Prodigy wouldn't be here with their mind blanked, would they?
What's a Prodigy?
Wow, your mind-wipe went deep, didn't it? Poor bastard. A Prodigy is someone born with one of the four gifts. Things like super learning or amazing physical strength. Don't worry about it... you aren't one.
Will my memories come back?
No. They stole them out of your head, same as mine. They'll never come back. We're going to be like this forever: stupid and ignorant in a hut.
Who are the crones?
They're just some crones that come by every month or two. They leave a few bodies in the sand. Sometimes they leave us food or supplies, but not very often.
What's a crone?
They're a race of people, like elves or humans, but uglier. They stink pretty badly and like to cackle. That's all I know.
Why do they bring people here?
No idea. I mean, if they wanted to kill people, they'd just throw them into the sea. But they carefully row ashore and then dump people on the beach.
What is a crone?
They're a race of people... (see above)
Is that how you got here?
Yeah, I guess so. It was a while ago.
What is a crone?
They're a race of people... (see above)
When will they return again?
A month, maybe.
Damn, that's too long. There has to be a way off this island!
Sure, just swim to Serbule. It's only a few miles.
Wait, you look optimistic. That was a joke! You can't swim to Serbule. If the extreme currents didn't kill you, the devil sharks would. No, you're stuck here.
I really want to escape.
Suit yourself, tiger.
Is there anything I can do for you?
I don't know... (see below)
Wait, who am I?
The crones called you... (see above)
Nice house you've got here.
Oh, this old thing? Well, the bed is mine. You can sleep on the porch. The skeletons don't come up here, so you'll be safe.
Is there a way off this island?
Sure, just swim to Serbule... (see above)
Is there anything I can do for you? (Asking this question gives the quest Cheer Up Riger.)
I don't know. I mean, I don't even want to escape, you know? It doesn't matter anymore. I think I'm seriously depressed. But I can't figure out a fix. I wish I could feel some hope again.
Heavy. Well, I'll see what I can do.

Reading the textbook

As you start to read, Riger stops you.

Get away from that! That's mine! How dare you!

Alternative greetings

  • You again. Still alive? Well... that's good. I'd be pissed that you're in my house, but I'm too depressed.
  • Hey there, friend! Thanks again for the potion. It's not quite worn off yet... I'm starting to feel a little sad again, though...
Do you need anything else?
You've done plenty already! I can't believe I was trying to fix my depression with Psychology. That book over there is rubbish.