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Gourmand 5
Fruit from a strange plant that grows in the fae realm. While delicious, sprigganberries are incredibly poisonous unless the tiny seeds are carefully removed. (This is a snack. Snacks stack with meal foods; you can eat one of each and get the benefits of both.)
Food Poisoning: Heavy poison damage over time masks beneficial effect
Max Power +20
Health Regen +59 per update
Power Regen +40 per update
Health Regen +8 per update (in combat)
Power Regen +12 per update (in combat)
Metabolism Regen +1 per update
Lasts 1 hour (plus Gourmand bonus)
Snack Level 20
Value: 120

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes


Obtaining through Bartering




Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
61 Tranana icon_5390.png Banana x3
icon_5706.png Fairy Honey x1
icon_6278.png Sprigganberries x2
icon_5767.png Tranana x3
73 Pixie Pocket icon_6278.png Sprigganberries x1
icon_5711.png Peach x1
icon_5041.png Flour x1
icon_5014.png Pixie Sugar x1
icon_5160.png Bottle of Goat Milk x1
icon_5125.png Pixie Pocket x2
icon_5009.png Empty Bottle x1
75 Crelpin's Fruit Juice icon_5710.png Pear x2
icon_5711.png Peach x1
icon_6278.png Sprigganberries x1
icon_5010.png Bottle of Water x2
icon_5014.png Pixie Sugar x1
icon_5396.png Crelpin's Fruit Juice x2
80 Fairy Peach Juice icon_5711.png Peach x2
icon_6278.png Sprigganberries x1
icon_6283.png Cantaloupe x1
icon_5010.png Bottle of Water x1
icon_5009.png Empty Bottle x1
icon_5396.png Fairy Peach Juice x2
80 Crelpin's Fruit Salad icon_5710.png Pear x1
icon_5711.png Peach x1
icon_6283.png Cantaloupe x1
icon_6278.png Sprigganberries x1
icon_5118.png Grapes x1
icon_5767.png Crelpin's Fruit Salad x2
Fae (Race Skill)
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
7 Turn Food Into Crystal Ice Food or Drink x1
Ice Conjuration
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
1 Freeze Food Into Crystal Ice Food or Drink x1


NPC Location Preferences
Hogan Hogan's Keep in Eltibule Loves (Fruits : 480*)
Hiral The Fairy Tree in Sun Vale Loves (Fruits : 480*)
Red The Fox Outpost in Kur Likes (Fruits : 480*)
Barnaby The Sacred Grotto in Kur Likes (Fruits : 480*)
Aralorn The Animal Outpost in Gazluk Likes (Fruits : 480*)
Tangle The Sacred Grotto in Kur Likes (Fruits : 480*)
Laura Neth The Outpost in Northwestern Kur Likes (Edible Items)
Rubi The Sacred Grotto in Kur Likes (Fruits : 480*)
Cassie The Sacred Grotto in Kur Likes (Fruits : 480*)
Rick Snapley New Prestonbule Cave in Gazluk Likes (Poisonous Foods)
Mandibles Red Wing Casino Likes (Cooking Ingredients)
Sir Arif Serbule Crypt in Serbule Likes (Edible Items)
Rita Serbule Keep in Serbule Dislikes (Food Items)
Alravesa the All-Hunter Amulna in Ilmari Hates (Edible Items)
Flia East of Serbule Keep in Serbule Hates (Edible Items)

*Sprigganberries has an effective value different from its base value (120) when gifted as a member of this item category.

Bartering Uses



Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption


Quest Fulfillment


Other Uses