Necromancer's Courtyard

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Necromancer's Courtyard
Necromancer's Courtyard (map).png
Map of Necromancer's Courtyard (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
40 - 50
File:Necromancer's CourtyardPlayerMap.png

Necromancer's Courtyard is the second half of Kur Tower, and is a seemingly magical realm of darkness buried deep under the Kur Mountains. Home to the imprisoned Elven Necromancer Lomas, this unusual graveyard is home to many unexplainable things.

  • This area is part of the quest to learn Ice Magic.
  • Be careful of rhinos when on the steps!
  • Gravamux's Key is required to open the chests.
  • White Crystals (Mining locations that require level 30 in Geology and Mining to gather) are found here.
  • The observant adventurer may even find the not-yet-implemented Quest Hag in this zone.

Points of Interest

Dilapidated Ruins

A seemingly-impossible space featuring a seemingly temperate climate, dilapidated ruins, a massive bell, and a large stone complex that seems to hover in the air. The further away the player ventures from this strange zone's entrance, the more it begins to seem like an illusion...

Necromancer's Courtyard Inhabitants