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Very Ineffective:
Fire, Cold, Nature, Darkness
Lomas is an Elven Necromancer operating out of the Necromancer's Courtyard. Beware the Trained Rhinos which guard him, and try to prevent him from using his rage attack, which can hurl unsuspecting Prodigies to their doom (Same knockback as a Rhino).

Decades ago, Landri the Cold was apprenticed to Lomas. He manipulated her talents with Ice Magic to create frozen zombies that wouldn't rot while he expressed his inner necrophiliac. Eventually, Landri got fed-up with him, and buried him alive in the Kur Tower.


Necromancer's Courtyard
Vitals: Health 12658 Armor 810 Rage 1433
Location: Found at the highest point in the Graveyard.

Combat Abilities

  • Ranged Electric Damage
  • Ranged Psychic Debuff
  • Rage Burst Darkness Damage.

Reported Loot

- Lomas's Skull (Quest Item)