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Kur Tower
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Map of Kur Tower (click for larger size)
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

Kur Tower (also refered as the Necromancer Lair in patch notes) is a high level dungeon found in the freezing Kur Mountains. Fire damage is quite effective, while Cold, Poison and Trauma damage are usually ineffective. Loot wise, unlike lower level dungeons where good items seem to drop mainly from named creatures (eg. Agalpa in Goblin Dungeon), higher tier weapons and armor is more frequently found from random foes.

The respawn rate is a little high, but it's at least possible to make some headway from the entrance unlike Boarded up Basement.

Points of Interest


The halls are full of dangerous undead. Preserved Corpses have low armour and seem easy to defeat at first, however they are a dangerous threat in numbers because they will stack heavy poison damage over time on you with their rage attack. Corpse Keepers are also quite dangerous as they use ranged cold attacks and can freeze you in place.

Coffin Rooms (top level)

After the first bend at the end of the entrance hallway will be two small rooms down a flight of stairs, to your left. Note that Ice Slicks in these side rooms will aggro without line of sight as you approach. If you have trouble with them you may have to pull them back to the entrance hallway.

The stairs lead down small rooms with coffins and skeletons (the harmless kind). The skeletons can be looted for skulls, used in Phrenology, Bone Meal, Broken Necklaces, etc. but also the occasional Ancient Gold Coin. Hint

Necromancer's Goblet (quest item) spawns in this room.

Cells, Glajur (top level)

Glajur has been left behind by an expedition of goblins. He has a keen interest in Phrenology and will teach it provided you are fluent in Goblinese (40). Raise favor with him by gifting all the Impressive skulls found in the dungeon, and keep the other skulls for the Phrenology recipes.

If you just want to talk to him, it's possible to run quickly past enemies to the back of the room. Climb up the stairs, and down again in the water and stand at the far back next to the well. Some enemies may pursue you all the way and hit once or twice, but usually they will turn back (might have to do with the line of sight).

With both players running to Glajur, and players who use the cells as a safe spot to pull enemies, it is not unusual to be victim of a "train" (an term from classic EverQuest). That is, the chasing enemies will "aggro" any bystanders. This is allowed by the game mechanics, so don't be angry at the other player(s) and remember it's fairly easy to get back there.

In the cells jars can sometime be looted for Ambient Magic Sponges, which are worth a good bit and can stack.


Use the targetting key to search the shelves... an Ancient Gold Coin could be easily missed!

Well (one-way exit)

Just behind Glajur is a one-way only exit through a well that takes you back to Kur Mountains. You will be in the freezing water southwest of Kur Mountains, so you may want to reach the shore as quickly as possible.

Green Pillars (top level)

Unknown function as of writing.

Basement Level

Striga Drainers, Shaman, and Keerla inhabit the branched, brick corridors of the basement level.

The Ice Wall and Beyond

After navigating the corridors in the basement, the player will reach a magical wall of ice. In order to disable the wall and pass through, the player must be holding the scroll on which is written an Ice Bypass Spell, obtained from the quest Into the Kur Tower (note that this is only required one time per character). Heading up the stairs, the player emerges to a seemingly-impossible space featuring a seemingly temperate climate, dilapidated ruins, a massive bell, and a large stone complex that seems to hover in the air. This is the Necromancer's Courtyard.

Kur Tower Inhabitants