Ancient Hook Beast

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Ancient Hook Beast
Ancient Hook Beast.png
Crushing, Piercing
Very Ineffective:
Fire, Electricity
Ancient Hook Beasts are older and more experienced Hook Beasts. Often encountered in the Kur Tower, perhaps the cold has allowed them to reach this age?


Kur Tower
Vitals: Health 706 Armor 558 Rage 1061
Location: Found in all side-rooms on the highest level of the tower.
Vitals: Health 706 Armor 558 Rage 1061
Location: A stronger version appears on the second floor.

Combat Abilities

Extreme Health Regeneration

  • Slashing Damage
  • Acid Damage
  • Rage Heavy Slashing Damage


  • Skin: None
  • Meat: Cheap Meat & Bone Hooks
  • Skull: Impressive Animal Skull

Reported Loot