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She glares worriedly.
Fox Outpost
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
Skill Trainer:

Mittens is one of two foxes encamped in the Kur Mountains. She is deathly afraid of non-animals and will not speak to them.


Kur Mountains
Fox Outpost

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Equipment with psychology prerequisites Hint
  • Likes Bounceweed Hint
  • Likes Tundra Lichen Hint



At Comfortable trains Survival Instincts.

Survival Instincts
At Friends
Toxic Flesh, Toxic Flesh 2
At Close Friends
Toxic Flesh 3, Toxic Flesh 4
At Best Friends
Toxic Flesh 5, Toxic Flesh 6
At Like Family
Toxic Flesh 7, Toxic Flesh 8
Spirit Fox (Note: Spirit Fox options appear in training menu only if the player is in Fox form.)
Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
icon_3801.png Paradox Trot  12  
icon_3801.png Paradox Trot 2  24  
icon_3801.png Paradox Trot 3  36  
icon_3801.png Paradox Trot 4  48  
icon_3801.png Paradox Trot 5  60  
icon_3801.png Paradox Trot 6  72  
icon_3803.png Spirit Bolt  10  
icon_3803.png Spirit Bolt 2  25  
icon_3803.png Spirit Bolt 3  40  
icon_3803.png Spirit Bolt 4  50  
icon_3803.png Spirit Bolt 5  60  
icon_3803.png Spirit Bolt 6  70  
icon_3803.png Spirit Bolt 7  80  
 50    19500 councils 
icon_3795.png Nip 7  60  
icon_3802.png Dimensional Snare 6  53  
icon_3796.png Soul Bite 6  55  
icon_3799.png Power Glyph 6  56  
icon_3797.png Spirit Pounce 6  57  
icon_3798.png Blur Step 6  58  
 50    97000 councils 
icon_3795.png Nip 8  70  
icon_3802.png Dimensional Snare 7  63  
icon_3796.png Soul Bite 7  65  
icon_3799.png Power Glyph 7  64  
icon_3797.png Spirit Pounce 7  67  
icon_3798.png Blur Step 7  68  


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x10
[Like Family] Favor - x10, 4 items from the following list (incomplete): , (L50), (Lv50), , , , ,


Hello. You're intelligent. What's your name? I'm Mittens.

I'm (name).

Great. So, now that the formalities are done, why are you here?

I'm just passing through.

Okay. Well, Red is in charge here, so you should go talk to him. I'm just an outsider fox that nobody trusts.

Why don't they trust you?

I wasn't born a smart fox like Red and his kin. A wizard made me smart. And... I've been acting... weird. So they won't share any of their secrets with me.

How are you "weird?"

My wizard master enchanted me. My mother was her old familiar, and I was groomed to be my mom's replacement. She spent months casting weird rituals on me when I was a little kit.

All foxes have good survival instincts, but she enhanced mine a hundredfold. And then I spent years acting as her bodyguard, warning her when there was danger.

What happened to separate you two?

She was killed by a human. And I didn't see it coming! Humans, elves, orcs, all the "people" races... they're too unpredictable. They can trick even my instincts. I can't be completely sure what they're thinking. So... yeah. I let her down.

Everybody makes mistakes.

Everybody dies, too. Is that supposed to comfort me?! My whole life I believed I could always tell if I was safe, and then a few months ago I learned I was wrong. It's taking some getting used to. And I've been jumpy. And freaked out. And none of the other foxes like me.

That sounds really hard. Is there anything I can do to help?

Help me? That's kind of you. I guess there's a few favors I could use your help with.



Sanja comes to visit sometimes. She's the only werewolf that Red trusts. And she has such good survival instincts! Almost better than my magically enhanced ones. But, I guess werewolves are magically enhanced too, so that makes sense.