Charged Boar

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Charged Boar
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Crushing, Trauma
Charged Boar are electrically enhanced pigs found in the Dark Chapel and along the coast in Sun Vale. They attack a target, than run away, pause, and repeat.


Dark Chapel
Vitals: Health X Armor X Rage X
Location: Found wandering the sealed passageways.
Sun Vale
Vitals: Health 406 Armor 160 Rage 500
Location: Found around the central ruins.


  • Skin: Crude
  • Meat: Pork Shoulder
  • Skull: Animal Skull

Combat Abilities

Hit and Run

  • Electricity Hit-and-Run
  • Rage Heavy Electricity Damage, Stun

Reported Loot

  • Brass Gear
  • Fulgurite
  • Pig Juice (rare)