Scion of Discord

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Scion of Discord
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Fire, Cold, Poison

The Scion of Discord serves as one of the Envoys of Gulagra. He was sent into the Dark Chapel to defeat Lord Sedgewick, who had recently become a nature spirit. He was imprisoned by Sedgewick in the depths of the Chapel, alongside his minions. When confronted, The Scion of Discord calls to Gulagra for help, summoning any number of random Bosses from around the world. Bleddyn, Maronesa, Bonfire Puck, and Fluffy are all potential summons.


Dark Chapel
Vitals: Health 19675 Armor 3187 Rage 2521
Location: Beyond the sealed doorway.

Combat Abilities

Envoy of Gulagra

icon_3415.png Crushing Damage
icon_3070.png Electricity Damage +Power Loss
Rage-icon.png icon_3417.png Burst Crushing Knockback Stun Curse


Skin: None
Meat: None
Skull:  ???

Reported Loot

First Kill Loot
First Kill Loot: 4 miscellaneous items.
Repeat Kill Loot: No more than 1 piece of equipment.
Quest Items

General Loot

x 1-2


Level 50 Equipment


- When in groups, you've become petulant, arrogant, short-tempered, and prone to saying things you later regret. This is a permanent curse; you must defeat the Scion of Discord to remove it.

Scion Summons

During battle, the Scion of Discord will use powers granted by Gulagra to summon additional minions to the fight. Usually, three non-humanoid bosses from across Alharth and two or three common creatures will be summoned. Some of the summoned bosses bring Curses of their own.


Intuition Warning: Danger Ahead! Text

Where is the other one? The Tailless cat? I'll kill him too!

Sedgewick! I will eat your brain for this!

I would have killed Sedgewick if Gulagra had just sent better backup.

This is Gulagra's fault! He punished me! But why? I'm perfect.

"How could I fail? What do I do now? KILL THEM ALL"

"How dare he imprison me?!"