Good Armor Patch Kit

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Good Armor Patch Kit
For repairing serious armor damage. Used by Armor Patching abilities.
Value: 25

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes

Armor Patching
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
20 Good Armor Patch Kit icon_5297.png Simple Metal Slab x3
icon_5298.png Basic Metal Slab x2
icon_5278.png Sharpening Stone x1
icon_5059.png Good Armor Patch Kit x2

Obtaining through Bartering


Vendor Location
Amutasa Rahu
Fazzi Sun Vale
Harry the Wolf Serbule
Jace Soral Kur Mountains
Jesina Eltibule
Laura Neth Kur Mountains
Lumpfuzz Ilmari
Marna Serbule
Mox Warcut Gazluk
Otis Red Wing Casino
Pegast Fae Realm
Sir Coth Serbule
Yavazek Sun Vale


Monster Location
Brain Beast War Cache
Brain Beast Fungal Fortress
Crazed Cultist Idiot Eltibule
Crazed Cultist Idiot Dark Chapel
Crazed Cultist Idiot Dark Chapel
Gaz-Urak Kur Mountains
Gaz-Urak Yeti Cave
Gaz-Urak War Cache
Goblin Shockmaster Boarded up Basement
Goblin Troop Boarded up Basement
Goblin Troop
Greedy Ghost Borghild
Lunatic Archer Wolf Cave
Ogre Winter Nexus
Preserved Corpse Brain Bug Cave
Preserved Corpse Kur Tower
Prison Laborer Rahu
Ranalon Myrmidon Sun Vale
Ranalon Priest Sun Vale
Ranalon Priest Fish Bowl Cavern
Ranalon Priest Povus
Ranalon Priest Povus
Ranalon Stone-Shaper Serbule Hills
Ranalon Stone-Shaper Sun Vale
Ranalon Stone-Shaper Fish Bowl Cavern
Ranalon Stone-Shaper Povus
Tired Bandit War Cache
Wolfen Berserker Wolf Cave
Yeti Thrower Kur Mountains
Yeti Thrower Yeti Cave
Yeti War Screamer Kur Mountains
Yeti War Screamer Yeti Cave


Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes



NPC Location Preferences
Tyler Green The Tapestry Inn in Serbule Hills Likes (Armor Patch Kits)

Bartering Uses



Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption

Icon Name Consumes Skill Level Consume Chance Stick Chance
icon_2101.png Patch Armor Simple Armor Patch Kit Armor Patching 1 10% Never
icon_2101.png Patch Armor 2 Basic Armor Patch Kit Armor Patching 10 10% Never
icon_2101.png Patch Armor 3 Good Armor Patch Kit Armor Patching 20 10% Never

Quest Fulfillment


Other Uses