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Crushing, Fire
Very Ineffective:
Poison, Trauma

She opened the tomb nearby and a skeleton climbed into her mind. Said the only way to cure it was to kill the skeleton, but we weren't strong enough. She died blubbering in the corner about how children were throwing fire at her. Very sad. Anyway! Can you go kill that thing? She has a plush toy - bring it to me as evidence.

Ursula is a (Skeleton Fire Wizard) boss, roused by activating a sarcophagi in upper level of the Serbule Crypt past Sir Arif's location in the undead infested hallway. During the fight, she will plague the player with clones of herself that spawn in her resting chambers and in the hallway who will come to her aid, take heed to disable these clones, as well as Ursula herself, stuns and fear effects will keep her complacent for you to finish her off, and the use of a Fire Resistance Potion will assist you greatly on the path to victory.

She has an 18 minute respawn timer.


Serbule Crypt
Vitals: Health 3880 Armor 391 Rage 336
Location: Down the hallway past Sir Arif's sigil protected room.
Serbule Crypt
Variant: Ursula (Summon)
Vitals: Health X Armor X Rage X
Time Conditions: Summoned by Ursula and Khyrulek's True Form


Hmm, you seem to have a guest in your head.

Weak copies of Ursula will sometimes spawn around you.

Ursula's curse, Haunted is something of an oddity, as on one hand it summons, or rather spawns the same clones you fought in the initial boss fight once every so often to hamper you during gameplay at any given location from the very recesses of your mind that she resides within, but on the other hand, she may appear as a vendor, or even temporary pet to assist you if you possess access to the skill of Necromancy or it's use in your skill bar (Not sure which) which may be complimentary to builds such as Spider/Necromancy or Necromancy/Battle Chemistry, or Necromancy/Animal Handling.

  • Additionally, this curse can also spawn an Ice Magic variant of Ursula who proclaims "Let's play freeze! (playername)!" It is unknown if using the same attack she opens with on her will do anything if allegedly used.
  • Both of Ursula's hostile clones are lootable and can be used to get the occasional useful drop, such as an Ancient Bronze Coin or can be used as a quick way of setting up a Shambling Corpse/Zombie if in need of fresh corpses to do the summons.

It should also be noted that it is possible to stable Ursula in her pet spawn, but not remove her from the stable as a part of a glitch. Feel free to do so as a trophy of your success of getting her to spawn as a pet, for this and her vendor state are fairly rare.

Combat Abilities


  • Ranged Fire Damage
  • Rage Heavy Ranged Fire Damage


Khyrulek's daughter. A sickly girl who died at a young age.

Intuition Warning: Danger Ahead! Text

Why didn't daddy stop them?

I hate this place! I should destroy it!

Every time I play with a toy, it breaks.

I want to see the world. I should go haunting!

Where's mommy?

There's only so many games you can play with bones.

When the time comes, I guess I'll know what to do to mom.

There's no way to stop the dreams. I've tried everything!

I keep falling asleep, and then the nightmares start again.

It's been so long, and I'm so bored...

It still hurts, Why do my arms still hurt, there's nothing there but they still hurt!

Battle Quotes

You aren't Mommy. -Ursula, before combat.

Let's play, (Target name). I know a good game. -Ursula engaging an enemy.

Death Quotes


  • Skin: None
  • Meat: None
  • Skull: None


Apparently, she is not the original occupant of this resting place.
Before her untimely demise.
Ursula as a spawned pet.
Ursula Spawned Pet Stats.