Khyrulek's True Form

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Khyrulek's True Form
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Crushing, Fire
Very Ineffective:
Poison, Trauma

We meet again.

Khyrulek's True Form Is a gigantic lich (Skeleton Fire Wizard) boss found in the furthest reaches of the hidden second level of the Serbule Crypt, accompanied by Feverdance, a pet Rhino, and her daughter, Ursula (a variant of the one that spawns in the 1st level of the crypt).

This boss is the final active manifestation of Khyrulek spawned from the Pulsing Crystal's hosted intelligence, and her second form, after fighting Khyrulek on the first level. Khyrulek's True Form is the manifestation of Khyrulek's negative emotion of animosity.

Intuition Warning: Danger Ahead! Text

My bones have been shattered before, but I return, time and again.

His name will never be heard again on any world.

I defeated thousands, and he only had to kill two women!

I accept no blame. It's all his fault!

What have I done to my daughter? ... No: she deserved it!

With that spider god's power, I'll take what I deserve. I'll own everything!

Just a little longer... the power seeps into me!

Someone is coming. Good. I will absorb them.


Serbule Crypt
Vitals: Health 6163 Armor 610 Rage 950
Location: Encountered on the lower level, behind the magical wall at the end of the hallway it blocks off.


- An evil magic has infested your heart. It still beats, but is prone to failing under stress. You occasionally lose half your health while in combat. This is a permanent curse; you must defeat Khyrulek's True Form to remove it.


See Khyrulek.

Combat Abilities


  • Ranged Fire Dmage
  • Rage Heavy Ranged Fire Damage


  • Skin: None
  • Meat: None
  • Skull: None

Reported Loot