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400, 600
Crushing, Fire
Very Ineffective:
Poison, Trauma

Keep it up and you'll be an immortal asshole living in a crypt. That's just an old lady's advice though. I know youth never listen to their elders. But I'll be here to say I Told You So in a few hundred years.

Khyrulek is a Lich (Skeleton Fire Wizard) boss located on the first level of the Serbule Crypt, guarded by two Rhinos both sides of her default position and Skeleton Archers placed around her on elevated space for height advantage.

While the fight is very difficult, Khyrulek does not have any curse associated with dying at her hand. It should also be noted that the main damage dealers will be the Rhinos and Skeleton Archers for both overlevelled and underlevelled players as her use of Fire Magic is sparse compared to her Rhinos who use their piercing knockback to juggle you around the room stunned, (possibly knocking you out of the map) whilst her Skeleton Archers work away at player armour, eventually giving way to a quickened demise.

While alive, Khyrulek attempted to conquer the Serbule area sometime around 244 years ago. One man, Ula the Wyrmslayer, failed to prevent her rise to power.

She has a 7 minute respawn timer.


Serbule Crypt
Vitals: Health 1930 Armor 419 Rage 662
Location: Beyond the Megaspider room on the first floor.


Khyrulek and the Diplomat of Akhisa

Khyrulek has trapped a diplomat of Akhisa, goddess of spiders and patience named the Strange Spider, and has threatened the application of a new emotion on whoever tries to free it. The new emotion created by Khyrulek is dubbbed "Painguish." The presence of the Megaspider and subsequent arachnids in the dungeon hint at some sort of following that has remained for reasons relating to this matter.

Khyrulek's forms

Khyrulek has multiple forms, each spawned from the Pulsing Crystal, host to her sentience and soul contained in a pocket dimension. These forms Include Khyrulek and Khyrulek's True Form with a third prevented from manifesting via meditation on Kyruleks part, so in truth you never truly fight her.


And so I traveled with a trade caravan for months until we reached his hallowed tomb. When the others had been dealt with, I carefully excavated it, all by hand, until I found the emerald. It was right where I predicted, of course.

I Studied it for seven years, and during that time I met my true Love, a simple town guard named ... well, had best not to put his name to writing. Our beautiful daughter was born, but she was sickly... he said it was because of the thing I'd done, but what could he have known?

It took all my skill at Alchemy to keep her alive, but it would not last for long. In desperation, we sailed West to see my mentor.


In exchange for the goddess's gem, Locus said he could save Ursula. But it was a a trick. He twisted her, twisted! He thought I wouldn't see what he did, but he was a fool. And then I... and now not even Death can stop me, and I will have my revenge on him and his people. He will suffer the way...

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icon_4006.pngTattered Journal

This journal was written by Khyrulek when she was alive. Thanks to this we know that Khyrulek is Ursula's mother.

However, if one progresses deeper into the crypt through a portal spawned upon the lich's demise...

The truth of Khyrulek

you will see a green crystal which is described as a pulsing crystal. If you examine it you will talk with Khyrulek.

Based on what she said through the crystal, it seems that she manage to separate her soul and body forming what she call a Soul Dimension. When you talk to the crystal, you are talking with her soul. Also she tells you that there are three of her. The one you defeated, another fueled by sorrow and she, the one talking to you through the crystal.

She also said that exist one more of her that is trying to form but due to her meditation sessions she has that under control.

Apparently she is usually researching new spells, and she could share them with you.

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Combat Abilities


icon_3069.png Ranged Fire Damage
Rage-icon.png icon_3069.png Heavy Ranged Fire Damage


  • Skin: None
  • Meat: None
  • Skull: None

Reported Loot