Carpal Tunnels

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Carpal Tunnels
File:Carpal Tunnels (map).png
Map of Carpal Tunnels (click for larger size)
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Area Level
25 - 35
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

Carpal Tunnels, once known as "Under the Hand," is a dungeon in Serbule that earns its name due to the large stone rock hand the dungeon can be found under. The stone hand is actually part of a mostly buried stone statue, of which the head and the other hand can be seen protruding from the land. Some locals believe the statue is actually a petrified Giant, later carved into the shape of a Council member. Still, others believe that most of the dungeon remains hidden, home to a variety of Council storerooms containing much needed supplies.

Many adventurers enjoy the profitable venture of hunting monsters here, selling
to Mushroom Jack and
to Sir Coth.


Under the left hand of the large statue.

Points of Interest

Storage Rooms

Grain Sacks and Supply Bags are found scattered in a few rooms around large crates. These can contain salt, sugar, wool, and a few miscellaneous items.

Sherzat's Room

Sherzat awaits in a green fog that appears to come from mushrooms nearby. Behind it, on the floor is Sherzat's Journal describing its relationship with General Lavorel and Elzehatl.

Zealo's Camp

Zealo has set camp in a corner of the dungeon. The first two favors she asks can be completed nearby. The jars that can be looted for Ambient Magic Sponges are found further back Zealo's camp. Note that there are two type of jars. The ones required for the quest are called "Old Jars".

Drop Down and the Basement

Where the bridge is broken, walk through the acidic sludge and you will find a grate that leads to the basement. There can be found the boss The Big Slime. Ice Slicks are found in the basement (blue in colour). Note that the respawn point for the basement is still the entrance to the first level.

Scroll Corner

On the left side of the basement, there is a group of scrolls that can turn out to be anything from Goblin Poetry to Council Certificates to high-level Recipes.

Carpal Tunnels Inhabitants