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A chunk of raw deer meat.
Value: 10

Stack Size:

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
21 Butcher Venison icon_6204.png Great Venison x1
icon_5561.png Meat Tenderizer x1 (!)
icon_6203.png Venison x1

Obtaining through Bartering



Monster Location
Bloodmaw Serbule Hills
Bloodmaw's Pack Serbule Hills
Buck Deer Serbule
Buck Deer Serbule Hills
Buck Snowdeer Kur Mountains
Crazed Alpha Wolf Cave
Cunning Wolf Eltibule
Doe Deer Serbule
Doe Deer Serbule Hills
Doe Snowdeer Kur Mountains
Fae Panther Fae Realm
Fae Worg Winter Nexus
Hungry Tundra Wolf Kur Mountains
Insane Matriarch Wolf Cave
Insane Werewolf Kur Mountains
Insatiable Werewolf Wolf Cave
Island Deer Sun Vale
Island Deer Sun Vale
Lost Polar Bear Animal Nexus
Malnourished Wolf Anagoge
Misery Yak Serbule Crypt
Misery Yak Goblin Dungeon
Old Fangsworth Serbule
Panther Eltibule
Rabid Deer Serbule
Rabid Deer Serbule Hills
Rabid Island Deer Sun Vale
Salmpo Serbule
Sickly Tiger Serbule
Sickly Tiger Serbule Hills
Sickly Wolf Serbule
Strange Deer Serbule
Supporting Wolf Serbule
Tiger Serbule
Tiger Serbule Hills
Tiger Eltibule
Wolf Serbule
Wolf Eltibule
Worg Eltibule
Worg Serbule Hills


Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
5 Venison Psi-Mantis Style icon_6203.png Venison x1
icon_5160.png Bottle of Milk x1
icon_5036.png Clownfish Fillet x1
icon_5054.png Basic Fish Scales x1
icon_5128.png Venison Psi-Mantis Style x1
icon_5009.png Empty Bottle x1
10 Venison Jerky icon_6203.png Venison x1
icon_5013.png Salt x5
icon_5142.png Oak Wood Chips x2
icon_5033.png Venison Jerky x1
13 Bacon Basket icon_5069.png Bacon x3
icon_6203.png Venison x1
icon_5013.png Salt x3
icon_5130.png Bacon Basket x1
15 Venison Roast icon_6203.png Venison x1
icon_5142.png Oak Wood Chips x2
icon_5777.png Vegetable Oil x1
icon_5121.png Venison Roast x1
15 Sausage icon_6206.png Pork Shoulder x2
icon_6203.png Venison x1
icon_5013.png Salt x2
icon_5041.png Flour x1
icon_5122.png Sausage x1
25 Venison Hash icon_5022.png Potato x2
icon_5024.png Onion x1
icon_6203.png Venison x1
icon_5013.png Salt x2
icon_5031.png Venison Hash x1
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
25 Ice Fishing Gear (2h) icon_5094.png Handsaw x1 (!)
icon_5312.png String x1
icon_6203.png Venison x1
icon_5311.png Ice Fishing Gear (2 hour) x1
Mushroom Farming
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
7 Mushroom Substrate: Meat Meat x1
Meat x1
Meat x1
icon_5535.png Mushroom Substrate (Meat) x1


NPC Location Preferences
Selaxi Amulna in Ilmari Loves (Meat : 25*)
Joeh Serbule Keep in Serbule Loves (Meat : 25*)
Tangle The Sacred Grotto in Kur Loves (Meat : 25*)
Rubi The Sacred Grotto in Kur Loves (Meat : 25*)
Cassie The Sacred Grotto in Kur Loves (Meat : 25*)
Lumpfuzz Amulna in Ilmari Loves (Meat : 25*)
Sammie Grimspine Western Serbule Hills Likes (Meat : 25*)
Fainor Serbule Keep in Serbule Likes (Meat : 25*)
Backfat The Fel-Dasculan Ruins in the Fae Realm Likes (Raw Deer Meat : 25*)
Spot Animal Town in Sun Vale Likes (Meat : 25*)
Mandibles Red Wing Casino Likes (Cooking Ingredients)
Sugar (NPC) The Sacred Grotto in Kur Hates (Meat : 25*)
Raina The Fel-Dasculan Ruins in the Fae Realm Hates (Meat : 25*)
Raul Animal Town in Sun Vale Hates (Meat : 25*)
Therese Serbule Keep in Serbule Hates (Meat : 25*)

*Venison has an effective value different from its base value (10) when gifted as a member of this item category.

Bartering Uses



Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption


Quest Fulfillment

Quest Number Required Quest Cooldown
(if repeatable)
NPC Minimum Favor Location Notes
Those Deer Aren't Gonna Kill Themselves 10 (Collect) One time only Fainor Comfortable Serbule Keep in Serbule
The Nature Of Mantis Love 10 (Collect) One time only Azalak Tolerated The Housing Complex in Northern Serbule
Deer In The Crypt 10 (Collect) One time only Sir Arif Neutral Serbule Crypt in Serbule
Gigantic Barbecue 50 (Collect any Meat) One time only Noita the Green Neutral The Fel-Dasculan Ruins in the Fae Realm
Deer Meat 3 (Collect) One time only Sanja Neutral The Campfire in Northwestern Kur

Other Uses