Lady Alethina

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Lady Alethina
Gambling and watching people.
Wandering around the gambling areas.
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Lady Alethina

Lady Alethina is a


Red Wing Casino
Lady Alethina is often found wandering around the Monsters and Mantids tables.


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Lady Alethina offers Aurest missions, randomly chosen daily quests. There are seven Aurest missions, and a mission will not be selected again during the following four days after it is chosen.

To speak with Lady Alethina, you'll need to be famous enough for her to have heard of you (Notoriety 25), and have two combat skills level 50+. And on some days, the daily mission has a higher level requirement than 50.

Game updates/2020-09-10


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor -


You! You're a Prodigy, right?

Do I know you?

No, no. But I know you! It's my job to keep track of the people making waves on this moral realm. I've heard you're involved in the Aurest, is that true?

The Aurest?
You've slain Winter Court fae. You've aided the illegal fae that are resistating the Winter Court. Have you not?
That makes you Aurest
Oh, that! Yeah, I'm not a Winter Court fan.
Given that they want to freeze your world, I can understand that. And I am 'not a fan' either. My name is Lady Alethina, and I am the leader of the Aurest here. The Aurest is a secret... sorry, we WERE a secret organization. I suppose we're a forthright organization now. That's why I'm not doing any cloak and dagger nonsense - I want to hire you.
I'm willing to entertain your offer.
Excellent! I am relieved. You see, I'm putting together a little team. Five or six people of your stature should be enough. Together, you're going to save this world from the clutches of the Winter Court, from the machinations of Destriel, and, of course, the scheming gorgons.
Hmm, I' need to understand who I was fighting...
Of course, of course! You have questions! And while I despise questions, I'll deign to answer some of yours. That is how much I value your assistance.
So, what do you want me to do?
I still have spies feeding me information across this country. And it seems like every day I have a mission that needs undertaking. You will be my Fist, you'll kill enemies and run errands. In return, I will pay handsomely.
Hmm. Do we have to use the job title of "Fist?" (Favor reduction)
Yes! You're a Fist and that's the end of it! It's a time-honored term! It's... it's what you're called!
Look: tradition is very important to Autumn fey. Life is much too long to revel in chaos. Sometimes, terminology helps keep alive ideas that are very important. Even if you don't understand the importance yourself, you must acknowledge it has importance to others! Namely, to me. I was a Fist for... a long time. So, just be a Fist, okay?
What is the Aurest?
Well that is a very forthright question to ask the local leader of the Aurest. The name Aurest is a shortening of "Autumn Resistance." I hate the name. But we Autumn folk are not known for changing tradition easily. Lady Alethina sighs. That's self-deprecating humor, dear. Nevermind!
Every winter we gather in small numbers to protect mortal realms from the machinations of the Winter and Spring Courts. And this season is the worst I can remember! Without my help, I fear your world will suffer a premature ice age.
Unfortunately, the Auruest here was Infiltrated recently...
You were infiltrated? By whom?
I thought everyone had heard, we were infiltrated by the idiotic Spring Infiltrators! It's true. We were infiltrated by a team of... mortal-manipulators! It's hugely embarrassing. It would be akin to... say, a mighty troll dying o Moctar poison.
So you mainly suffered embarrassment?
Oh, no, most of my team is dead now. They were highly effective, and, if I were a gambler - Lady Alethina shows you a pair of dice in her hand and smirks - I wouldn't bet on this world surviving winter. But mortals do pretty impressive things sometimes, so we'll just have to see.
But to my earlier point: there is also a huge amount of embarrassment. Let me see explain it more clearly: a group of highly-trained assassins infiltrated OUR group of highly-trained assassins. And prior to this, OUR group was considered the superior variety assassin. That's changed.
We were humbled. I, personally, was humbled. And humiliated. And betrayed. And I've taken to drinking mortal wine.
I see. I won't keep pestering you about this sensitive topic.
How were you betrayed?
That's quite a rude thing to ask! But I suppose you deserve an answer: my closest friend of the past season was secretly a Spring Court fairy all along. She spent the entire past season, 20,000 of your years, pretending to be my friend! The things we did together! I trusted her. I was such a fool.
Now I'm the laughingstock of the Aurest upper echelons. I may not even BE in the Aurest next season!
So now you know why I don't have the luxury of trusting anyone right now.
Who is the Aurest trying to stop?
Well, we work against the Winter Court, of course. But you must understand that Winter is not working alone. They work alongside the Spring Court, who are masters of manipulation. So sometimes we need to deal with other problems. Because everything is ultimately the Winter Court's fault.
Everything's the Winter Court's fault?! That sounds like bullshit.
Who's paying me for these missions?
I'll be paying your personally. Normally the Fists of Aureth would be paid in precious honey, but our honey vault was robbed. The Aureth on this world is completely broke.
Fortunately, I happen to be absurdly wealthy on this world, so I'll be paying you in Councils.
I should at least understand who I'm working for...
I've killed a lot of people... it doesn't mean anything.
If I was, do you think I'd admit to it?
You mean the Autumn Resistance? Yes I'm in the resistance.
No, I'm not under arrest. You're under arrest!
I have no idea who you're talking about. Goodbye.

Lady Alethina