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He's playing a lute with a far-off look in his eyes.
Beast Speak:
Yes (after bribe to Durstin)
Skill Trainer:

Rappanel the bard at your service! I'm looking for a new patron of the arts. And If may be so forward, I believe that person is you! What do you say? Pay for a song?

I lost everything when Dwyndarre was destroyed. A hundred years of getting my name out, earning patrons... all gone. So I decided to work these human lands Instead. There's fewer bards here, so I should make good money! Eventually. When word gets out.

Rappanel is a traveling Bard who was forced to relocate to the Serbule region after the destruction of Dwyndarre. He teaches friendly adventurers the skill of Bardin'. Rappanel spent eight years training at the Bard College of Jamurra. He is also friends with Joeh.


Rappanel is often found inside the Tapestry Inn, one of the small cottages along the main road through Serbule Hills.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Pickled Fish Hint
  • Loves Animal Horns Hint
  • Loves Boar Tusks Hint
  • Likes Fish Dishes



Bard Skill

Bard Levels 51-60

Bard Levels 61-70

Song of Bravery 1-7
Anthem of Avoidance 1-5
Blast of Defiance 1-7
Virtuoso's Ballad 4 & 5
Moment of Resolve 5-7
Blast of Fury 6 & 7
Song of Resurgence 6 & 7
Song of Discord 6 & 7
Rally 6 & 7
Entrancing Lullaby 4
Blast of Despair 5 & 6
Thunderous Note 6 & 6
Disharmony 6-8

Hang Out

Have sex with Rappanel (4h)

35 favor


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
Error: Item not found
(Lv1 Bard, Lv35 X)
[Like Family] Favor -
Error: Item not found
(Lv1 Bard, Lv35 X), x10