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There are currently three playable races. Three more are planned to be added during development (fairies, orcs, and dwarves):


Humans are notoriously prudish and petty, but they are extremely loyal to their friends and allies. They value honesty and hard work, and hate lazy people.
Everyone agrees that humans make excellent traders and negotiators.

According to elves:

They're rude and greedy. And for how much they hate sex, you'd be surprised how horny they are. But they make great friends! They love accumulating wealth.

According to rakshasa:

They're trustworthy merchants and they make charismatic leaders. They love feeling in control... it makes them happy. They work incredibly long hours.

According to orcs:

The smart ones have silver tongues and can trick an orc out of his breakfast. But the dumb ones are dumber than any orc! Their warriors are no match for orcs, but their wizards are feared. Human merchant camps are neutral ground, so try not to burn those down too often.

Geography: The first country you'll explore is called The Council Lands, where Humans are the most populous race. The laws are very human-centric: slavery, homosexuality, and mind-affecting magics are outlawed, while taxes and hard work are the norm.

In-game effects: Gain a bonus to combat xp for having recently socialized, and a penalty for being lonely.


Elves are forest loving, sex-addicted, and obsessively clean. They're never crude or offensive, but they do tend to add double entendres to everything they say.
They live a long time and tend to master a lot of skills, but prefer to live a simple life when possible.
Everyone knows that it's nearly impossible to piss off an elf... they're just so friendly and patient! But if you DO get them angry somehow, they never forgive and they never relent.

According to humans:

They're friendly and honest, but don't be fooled: all elves are disgusting perverts. They're probably charm-rapists, too!

According to rakshasa:

Their laws are surprisingly primitive, they're prone to bouts of depression that last for decades, and they're constantly washing their hands. But they're generous and fair, in their way.

According to orcs:

They become set in their ways and then they're easily manipulated. They're dangerous warriors, but then they get annoyed by blood and dirt. That's hilarious. You can't tell from looking whether an elf is a warrior or a wizard or just a farmer, so be careful picking fights.

Geography: The nearest Elven country is Verta, which recently suffered a horrific disaster. Dwyndarre was a major metropolis that was completely destroyed by an unknown force. Some survivors have fled to the Council Lands.

In-game effects: Gain a bonus to combat xp when clean, and a penalty when filthy.


Rakshasa originally came from another world, where they were fierce and amoral warriors. But since becoming stranded on this world, new generations of rakshasa have developed a sense of morals and righteousness. They are still learning to combine their warrior instincts and their newfound sense of fairness.
Everyone knows that Raksasha are quick to anger, but are also quick to forgive. They're also known for their complex sense of justice and their dry sense of humor.
Although their capital city is quite advanced, many raksasha have recently "gone savage", as the humans put it, leaving their cities and forming camps in the wilderness. It's unclear why.

According to humans:

There's two kinds: the city dwellers and the nomads. The city ones keep slaves, which is obscene. But the nomads are pretty lazy, preferring to hunt for sport rather than work to improve themselves.

According to elves:

Talking with rakshasa is exhausting. It's so easy to upset them! But they're pretty open about sex, and they're very generous.

According to orcs:

Rakshasa are good allies, 'cuz what's not to like about a swordfighting tiger? But never trust 'em. They can turn on you in a second. One second they're helping you 'achieve justice' and they next second 'you've gone too far and now you must die.' Watch your back around 'em.

Geography: Rakshasa control a small area of land that is largely inhospitable to other races. Their holdings abut both the Council Lands and the Crone Hegemony, and they have made an uncomfortable peace with their neighbors.

In-game effects: Gain a bonus to combat xp when feeling righteous (haven't killed sentient creatures recently), and a penalty when feeling guilty.