Egg-Laying Spider

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Egg-Laying Spider
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Fire, Cold
Very Ineffective:
Poison, Acid
Egg-Laying Spiders are all about laying eggs. Watch out for the babies!


Serbule Hills Spider Cave
Vitals: Health 73 Armor 20 Rage 119
Location: Side chambers near Megaspider and a small loop of caverns devoted to their activity.
Sun Vale
Vitals: Health 178 Armor 167 Rage 339
Location: Northern edge and middle of largest island.

Combat Abilities

icon_3017.png Crushing Damage
icon_3401.png Poison Damage
Rage-icon.png icon_3252.png Poison Damage and Incubate


Skin: None
Meat: None
Skull: None

Reported Loot

General Loot