Huntsman Spider

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Huntsman Spider
File:Huntsman Spider.png
Fire, Cold, Sonic
Very Ineffective:
Poison, Acid

The Huntsman Spider is the strongest spider (well, out of the little ones). Its stun can be deadly to new players.


Serbule Hills Spider Cave
Vitals: Health 73 Armor 125 Rage 163
Location: In cave branches around the hatchery and Megaspider.
Serbule Crypt
Vitals: Health 275 Armor 405 Rage 502
Location: Found in the hallways between the graveyard entrance, and Ursula.

Combat Abilities

  • Crushing.jpgCrushing Damage
  • Rage Crushing Stun


  • Skin: None
  • Meat: None
  • Skull: None

Reported Loot

  • Brass Gear
  • Spiderweb