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Looking at her hands with interest
Inside ruins protected by the Glowing Sphere
Beast Speak:

Petulant gods with their words of pity but no... ... Words in the winter are worse than nothing. I remember that from somewhere.

Uriana is a female Pixie being used in an experiment by a Glowing Sphere.


Fae Realm
Ruins protected by Glowing Sphere.


Uriana offers a selection of quests in the Fae Realm. When you receive a quest from Urania, it is selected randomly, but you will not receive the same quest again if you have completed it in the last (48?) hours.

Your current task is (quest). You must complete this quest, and wait an hour, to get a new one. If you don't want to complete this quest, you can cancel it from the Quest window, although you'll still have to wait an hour to get a new one.



Hello, the orb sent me to help you.
Are you a mortal?
What is your name, mortal?
I"m an adventurer.
I'm Uriana. Now we are friends, adventurer, so we mustn't fight. Fighting is for enemies, adventurer. Do you understand?
No fighting. I completely understand.
And now... you can help me! I have so many questions but the orb says I cannot travel.
How can I help?
It is difficult to remember what beast is a true immortal and what is not. But I have invented something in the human tongue to help! Bury bears. Because they are mortal, you see? "Bury bears?" Go and practice until this tick is burned into your mind.
Okay... I'll give it a shot.