Sergeant Ultaka

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Sergeant Ultaka
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He scowls and stares at you.
Gate to unsafe area.
Beast Speak:
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It's my duty to inform you that traveling beyond this bridge will lead to your death!

Sergeant Ultaka is a Rakshasa Onkara soldier stationed at the entrance to the unsafe areas of the City of Rahu.

It's my duty to inform you that traveling beyond this bridge will lead to your death.
Um.... my death?
The Onkara can only ensure the safety of visitors that say in this front portion of the city. Beyond this point is for citizens only.
What's an Onkara?
We are the military force of Rahu. We are not to be trifled with.
Hmm. Can I join the military?
No, only Rakshasa born and trained here can join. And only those who are not damaged by morality.
Morality is... damaging?
The Rakshasa way of life is... was beautiful. Our people have risen beyond morality. We act because of strength, a sense of purpose, and a strict code of laws -- not because something 'just feels right.' Morality is a crutch that leaves your mind befuddled. It's a sickness. And while we do not kill our sickened brethren, we certainly will not let them join the Ankara.
What happened to this way of life? Where'd the morality come from?
It's something in the air on this world. We are all born weaker than our forefathers in mind, body, and magic.
Wait, you're not from this world?
Of course not. My great-great-great-grandparents were part of the invasion force from Ravana, our homeworld. The invasion force was trapped here, and their children have turned out weak. But we will become strong again, after the purging.
How are you weaker?
Ultaka stares at you angrily. Look at me! Do I look ten feet tall? We're runts. And we cant even change shape! And we have... tails! We only live a hundred years or less -- a blink of an eye!
But at least my mind is strong. Unlike the less fortunate Rakshasa that are born with 'morals.'
Are you sure 'morals' are a weakness?
Morals are a crutch evolved by weak races, like humans and elves, to keep the peace. 'Oh, you can't do that, that's immoral!' But Rakshasa -- true Rakshasa, that is -- are beyond morals. We do what we do because it is the wisest action in the grand scheme, not because our 'gut' tells us what to do. We are better than animals!
Wow. new subject: can I go past this bridge?
What happens if I go past the bridge?
I won't stop you. But I will offer you some knowledge... if you pay me.
Pay you how much?
50 foreigner-coins. Councils, they're called.
Fine, here's your money.
Good. As a fair exchange, I will give you three pieces of knowledge.
Okay, advise me.
Three pieces of knowledge. First, I will tell you what lies beyond this bridge -- the 'gray area' I call it. The Rakshasa there are often conflicted about trade, morality, and the old ways. Some are confused, some are angry, and some are sick with morality.
How do I know which ones are 'sick?'
You can't. Although if you walk right up to someone and they don't kill you, that's a pretty good clue. But others are simply very busy and don't have time to murder an interloper -- they will only attack if you get too close. A few are hungry for battle and will seek you out.
But know this: all Rakshasa past this gate will join in battle once it's begun.
Okay. Good to know.
My second piece of knowledge is what lies beyond the 'gray area.' If you could venture fare enough, you would find the evil citizens.
Evil citizens?
Evil is a joke -- a confused idea that lives only in the minds of sick Rakshasa. But because the world has been used as an insult for so long, we have claimed it as a badge of Honor. Healthy Rakshasa, those without any morality, often call ourselves 'evil.'
Very few outsiders venture that far into the city and live. So if you get that far, everyone will assume you are a spy or an intruder or a fool.
They will kill you.
Yay. Okay, what's the third advice?
My last piece of advice is not to go onto the hilltop overlooking the city. The Onkara train and live there. They will kill you in a heartbeat.
Okay. Thanks for the advice.
I have traded coin for wisdom, but now our transaction is over. Go get yourself killed, if that's your decision.
Okay... bye.
Will you protect me past the bridge?
Why would I kill my brethren for attacking a weak outsider? No, I'll laugh as you die.
The reason I'm standing here is to prevent 'incidents' that might hurt the city's reputation and damage trade. In fact, our reputation as a safe trading port is the only thing keeping me from killing you right now and mounting your ugly head on my wall at home.
You think you can kill me? Bring it.
No. No deaths are allowed in the public part of the city. We have a reputation to uphold. And you will uphold it.
Fine. I'm going past the bridge then.
Well, I'm going to go on past here anyway. Are you going to stop me?
I won't stop you. Do you remember my advice?


At the edge of the safe area, guarding a bridge.

Visitor's Permits

Visitor's Permits may be used to safely enter the hostile portion of Rahu City.

Can you sell me a visitor's permit?
I can sell visitor permits, but they are very expensive. Probably much too expensive for you. They cost 500 Councils, and are only good for a short while.
I will buy a permit.
Very well, but there are caveats: if you attack anyone in town, your visitor's pass will be immediately revoked. And if you venture up the plateau where the Onkara are housed, you will be executed without mercy. The pass is valid only for a short time, too. [Note: Visitor's Permits last for 90 minutes or until they are revoked.]
I understand. Here's my 500 Councils!
Here is your visitor's permit. Behave yourself and be out of town before the permit expires!
Thanks. Bye!
Nevermind, I won't buy one.
That's too expensive for me. Bye.

Grants the buff Rahu Visitor's Permit (90 min):

You are permitted to visit the non-open areas of Rahu. The military areas on the plateau are still off limits, and attacking any townsperson cancels this permit.