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The great Rakshasa city.

Rahu is a Rakshasa city. Rahu is bustling with craftsmen, merchants, and ships. It is known to have a great port. The Ilmari Desert region is close to Rahu. The city is split in half; the northern half is peaceful, while the southern half is home to many hostile Rakshasa. Humans and Elves distrust Goblins, so the city of Rahu prevents them from serving as vendors in the city.

The Sand War


When the Council demanded that the Rakshasa provide remuneration for every human that was injured at the Battle of Rahu, outraged Rakshasa tour up the treaty and killed the messengers, leading to the Sand War. The Rakshasa won the war with claws like this, fashioned after weapons from their home world.

— Sand War Claw

Neighboring Regions

A war-torn desert region battered by sandstorms and home to Rakshasa Bandits.
A swampland between Gazluk, Rahu, and the northern ocean. The city of Povus briefly rivaled Rahu as a bastion of crafting.

Environmental Effects

Dry Mechanics

Explorers and Prodigies traveling in desert areas should be wary of the harsh effects of the Desert on their bodies. The astute player will keep an eye on the Hydration meter while in such dangerous climates. Those who fail to keep hydrated will be inflicted with Dying of Thirst, a dehydration effect that disables Power Regeneration and Sprint.

Dehydration can be staved off by consumption of fluids, including quenching one's thirst from a
, carried by a prepared traveler, or with
, foraged by a resourceful one.

Points of Interest

Rahu City (peaceful)

The City of Rahu is divided into two sections for the convenience of travelers. The Rakshasa comfortable with visitors tend to remain in the northern "peaceful" section of the city. Craftsmen and Shopkeepers make their living here, trading with passing travelers and ships.

Representatives from the Red Wing Casino have established a permanent portal in the peaceful section.

Nearby the docks, the entrance to the Rahu Sewer can be found. This dungeon is recommended for solo or paired adventurers with combat levels around 60.

Rahu City (hostile)

The area south of the safe portion of Rahu City is home to many hostile Rakshasa. A conversation with Sergeant Ultaka gives better insight into this area.

It's my duty to inform you that traveling beyond this bridge will lead to your death.
Um.... my death?
     . . .
What happens if I go past the bridge?
     . . .
Three pieces of knowledge. First, I will tell you what lies beyond this bridge -- the 'gray area' I call it. The Rakshasa there are often conflicted about trade, morality, and the old ways. Some are confused, some are angry, and some are sick with morality.
How do I know which ones are 'sick?'
You can't. Although if you walk right up to someone and they don't kill you, that's a pretty good clue. But others are simply very busy and don't have time to murder an interloper -- they will only attack if you get too close. A few are hungry for battle and will seek you out.
But know this: all Rakshasa past this gate will join in battle once it's begun.
Okay. Good to know.
My second piece of knowledge is what lies beyond the 'gray area.' If you could venture fare enough, you would find the evil citizens.
Evil citizens?
Evil is a joke -- a confused idea that lives only in the minds of sick Rakshasa. But because the world has been used as an insult for so long, we have claimed it as a badge of Honor. Healthy Rakshasa, those without any morality, often call ourselves 'evil.'
Very few outsiders venture that far into the city and live. So if you get that far, everyone will assume you are a spy or an intruder or a fool.
They will kill you.
Yay. Okay, what's the third advice?
My last piece of advice is not to go onto the hilltop overlooking the city. The Onkara train and live there. They will kill you in a heartbeat.
Okay. Thanks for the advice.

Teleportation Circles

There are 3 Council constructed Teleportation Circles in the Rahu region.

  • In the northeast corner of the peaceful section of Rahu City.
  • In the center of the hostile section of Rahu City.
  • At the south end of the hostile section of Rahu City.

There is one mushroom circles in Rahu, underwater in a pond east of the city.

Meditation Pillars

There are 3 Meditation Pillars in the Rahu region. The provided Meditation Combos are:

  • Simplicity of Fate - Near the Storage Machine in the peaceful section of Rahu City.
  • Wrath of the Fist - East of Rahu City near the ponds.
  • Crowd Stun - At the southern end of the pond bordering the desert.



      Rahu Inhabitants

      Friendly NPCs

      Friendly NPCs in Rahu Dungeons


      Special Foes


      Rahu has no plants or trees to be picked through Foraging, however many items can be acquired through burglary. Visitors who speak with Sergeant Ultaka and purchase a
      can freely explore most of the usually hostile-to-outsiders southern end of the City of Rahu. Urns, Private Storage Chests, Grain Sacks, and Fruit Cases can all be pilfered from the homes of the city's residents. Occasionally, a scroll or inkwell may be sitting out in the open.