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She's muttering to herself.
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Sheyna is a Rakshasa merchant who accepts Work Orders. She is willing to let you on a ship, but the drop-off point changes depending on the phase of the moon (EST time zone).

Who are you? Wait, I don't care. Get off my dock. This area is for loading and unloading only.

I heard you could teach me more about industry.
No time for that! Well... money talks. If you've got enough money, I will give you pointers. After that, you'll finally get off my docks, right?
Can you get me on a ship out of here?
As a passenger? Hmm, let me check the schedule... and cross-reference with the lunar calendar... [Available destinations change over time.]
... I could get you on a ship to Verta. Oh, but Verta doesn't allow visitors. I guess the ship could drop you off on an island somewhere. You'd be stuck there though.
... I could get you on an orcish freighter. They could drop you off in the Kur Mountains. Unless you've got Orcish blood in you though, that's pretty much the middle of nowhere.
... nope, sorry. The only appropriate ship coming in would take you to a miserable little Council duchy called 'Serbool' or 'Ser-bewl'... something like that. I'm not really sure how to pronounce it. But it's the middle of nowhere.
That's fine, I'll take it.
Oh well. Maybe another day.


Standing near the Work Orders board on the docks in the city.


Ability/Recipe Level Cost Favor
 50    20000 councils   [Neutral] 
 60    50000 councils   [Neutral] 

Interpretive Dance Variant

Sheyna is the teacher for Dance 1 (variant C). At least three musicians must be playing instruments near Sheyna to convince them to demonstrate their dance.

Travel Information

Moon Phase Destination Cost
New Serbule 300
Waxing Crescent Serbule 300
First Quarter Serbule 300
Waxing Gibbous Kur 300
Full Kur 300
Waning Gibbous Kur 300
Last Quarter Sun Vale 300
Waning Crescent Sun Vale 300