Rahu Sewer

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Rahu Sewer
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Map of Rahu Sewer (click for larger size)
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Map by BetaNotus (6/20)

The Rahu Sewer is a solo-friendly dungeon for level 60 equipment. Different zones feature different enemies and resources to harvest.

The entrance area comes with a lot of slimes, some rats and vipers. To access the lower level you have to defeat the Treant Guardian, located into the room to the right of Tolmar on the map, and get the Alien Key for the door. Note: the Treant Guardian is not elite, you will only get one key per kill even in groups. You can also find Tolmar the Snake Master on the upper level.

Once you can access the lower level, you can find the goblin camp by taking right turns from the stairs.


The entrance is a door at the Rahu docks.

Points of Interest

Goblin Camp

There is a goblin camp on the lower level where you can ask Bogaku and Chief Glortok for work or Stulza for a buff.

The goblin camp is behind a locked door, you will have to find Bogaku's Sixteenth Notebook to get access. The goblin guard will tell you where to look for it. Hint

Mysterious Levers

A party of adventurers capable of flipping all five levers hidden throughout the dungeon will be challenged by Frothimir the Forever-Flan. The levers can be randomly stuck, requiring Maintenance Oil to operate them. After some time the levers switch to off so it is necessary to use them all around the same time.


Brazier spoiler

Sacrifice a at each of the three outer braziers, and an at the central brazier. This will summon the Enraged Spirit, who drops , which unlocks a chest on the lower level, near the ramps leading up.

Weird Leaves

Weird Leaves spoiler

The Weird Leaves teleport you between the two leaves locations in the sewers.

Test Valve

Explorers seeking to uncover the mystery of this water-spraying oddity should find themselves a Ratkin Pipe-Pipe.

Milking Goats

Two Milking Goats (Gubtha [squeak] and Grak Un Fal [squeak]) can be found on the lower level.

Rahu Sewer Inhabitants






Found as Sewer Tilapias


Minerals & Metals

Almost every kind of mineral and metal can be found as a Mineral Node.