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Confident in her skills.
Outside dining hall.
Returns to her home between
6 pm and 5 am.
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
Skill Trainer:

I've gone adventuring a few times to test out my bardic powers on evil Orcs. It was invigorating! But so much of the music is lost in the chaos of battle. For now, I'm happier just being a musician.

Percussa is a Rakshasan Bard trying to make a living in Rahu. Her mother was a Haj-un-gu, a Rakshasa voice-fighter. When she was young, her parents were killed in a skirmish with Orcs.


Percussa is usually found around Nishika's restaurant during the day from 5am.
Around 6pm, she returns to her home in the Onkara patrolled half of the city.


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Equipment with Bard prerequisites. Hint
  • Likes Azurite Gems Hint
  • Likes Spider Silk

Hang Outs



Percussa will only train skills once you reach the proper favor level.

51-60 - 19000 councils - 10 Performance, 10 Vocabulary, 5 Poetry Appreciation.
61-70 - 99000 councils - 15 Vocabulary, 10 Poetry Appreciation, 10 Flower Arrangement.
Virtuoso's Ballad 4 - 11583 councils - Comfortable Favor.
Moment of Resolve 5 - 7125 councils - Comfortable Favor.
Blast of Fury 6 - 11583 councils - Comfortable Favor.
Song of Resurgence 6 - 9850 councils - Comfortable Favor.
Song of Discord 6 - 11533 councils - Comfortable Favor.
Rally 6 - 11583 councils - Comfortable Favor.
Song of Resurgence 6 - 9850 councils - Comfortable Favor.
Entrancing Lullaby 4 - 14701 councils - Comfortable Favor.


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - (Lv55)
[Like Family] Favor - (Lv55),


I am Percussa, master of all forms of music, at your service! No need to tip me for my music. I play just to get my name out there in the world. If you enjoy it, dance or play along with me!
I like your name
Thank you. It was Daniel Murderdark's idea. He said that since Rakshasa are so unfamiliar with bards, changing my name would help them understand my true nature. My parents died years ago, so nobody minded when I changed my name from Percia to Percussa.
I like your drumming!
Thank you! You're very kind. I hope to see you around again I'm at Nishika's restaurant almost every day.
Your outfit is great! Who's your tailor?
Oh, I make these clothes myself. A real elven bard taught me!
Can you play a song for me?
Oh, I don't take requests, I'm sorry. When I play, I play from the heart, not from any song books! But if you stick around long enough, I'm sure you'll hear something you like.
Here's a tip (10 Councils)