Midge the Apothecary

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Midge the Apothecary
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Writing and re-writing notes
Around the northern house ruins.
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
Offers Barter
Offers Storage
Midge the Apothecary is...

Small Talk [view/edit]

Midge only accepts gifts at [Friends] or higher.

  • Likes Mercury Hint
  • Likes Cranium Powder Hint
  • Loves Insect Wings Hint


Fairy Quests

Midge the Apothecary offers quests only available to Fairy characters.

Favor Rewards

Reward at [Comfortable].

Reward at [Friends].

Reward at [Close Friends].

Reward at [Best Friends].

Reward at [Like Family].



Midge the Apothecary offers storage at [Comfortable] Favor.
0 slots at [Neutral].
8 slots at [Comfortable].
16 slots at [Friends].
24 slots at [Close Friends].
32 slots at [Best Friends].
40 slots at [Like Family].
48 slots at [Soul Mates].


Midge will give one Royal Jelly in exchange for various items.

The items she requests changes every 2-4 hours (the time period varies) and the player may only barter a certain number of times per period, varying with favor.

Favor # of barters
Neutral 1
Friends 2
Close Friends
Best Friends
Like Family 3
Soul Mates 4

Favor with Midge the Apothecary increases by 10 each time the player barters with her.

Players are given two options during each period. Items she asks for include (click Expand link below):

Give Receive
x 5-8
x 1-2
x 8-10
x 8-10
x 6
x 2
x 7-10
x 8
x 7-10
x 6-7
x 10
x 6-9
x 4
x 2
x 7
x 7
x 8
x 4
x 3
x 3-5
x 3-5
x 3
x 3
x 8
x 3
x 3
x 7
x 1 x 6

Hang Outs

Prepare cranium powder (3h)

Thanks for the help. Mixing up the ingredients takes me so long I forget what I'm doing. But with you standing there I can ask you!

This stuff we've made is a very useful powder from the local mortal world. Would you like some? Here, take a bit of it!

25 favor
50 Fae (Race Skill) XP

Study memory inhibitors (4h)

Well this has all been a dead end! [Midge throws up her ands and spreads her wings.] Well at least we know now. Thanks for the help keeping me on track.

30 favor
100 Alchemy XP
100 Fae (Race Skill) XP

Help with memory exercises (6h)

45 favor
150 Fae (Race Skill) XP


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x2
[Like Family] Favor - x4


Hmm... you're not the result of any of my experiments, are you? You're just some random mortal. That's weird.

I'm (player name). We met earlier.

Did we? Hmm... okay. Anyway, I'm really busy right now. Can you come back in a few years? Oh, wait! Did you want to trade ingredients for royal jelly?

Not right now, but I'll be back.
What do you want to trade?

Small Talk

Variation 1

I had a lot of knowledge before the incident. I think most of that knowledge is gone now, but that's not the real problem. The problem is I can't gather new knowledge if my memory is broken!

Variation 2

I was thinking maybe I should kill myself, you know, in case it makes my brain work better. But it didn't help: I died and woke up at the lifestone, but I remembered nothing. If anything, dying made my memory even worse!

Variation 3

I remember being grabbed by a huge monster, and then my bones all cracked, and then I though I was reborn, but not really: I was still being held! And I died again, and again, over and over.

And now I can't remember things well. But I can fix this. Gotta stay focused...