Jaime Fatholm

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Jaime Fatholm
Pouring over a map.
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
All, after bribe to Durstin Tallow
Skill Trainer:

I used to carry about 50 pounds of equipment out into the field to do surveys. This red crystal stuff has changed surveying entirely! Now it's a lot faster.

Jaime Fatholm is an expert Surveyor living out of The Tapestry Inn in Serbule Hills.


Jaime Fatholm is often found engrossed in her maps at the corner table of the Tapestry Inn in Serbule Hills.


Jaime sells a selection of supplies for use with Surveying.

Items Sold[view/edit]

 7 councils 
 15 councils 
 60 councils 
 105 councils 
 150 councils 
 195 councils 
 15 councils 
 37 councils 
 75 councils 
 375 councils 
 37 councils 
 150 councils 


Small Talk [view/edit]

Favor Rewards

Jaime Fatholm rewards her friends with access to additional items in her shop, and Training of surveys for Geology and Mining.

Jaime Fatholm teaches Surveying at [Comfortable] Favor. This Favor Level can be reached quickly by completing both offered quests.



Unlock Skill Cost Surveying Skill Requirement
Learn Surveying, Mining, and Geology 0 0
Serbule Hills Orange Mineral Survey 300 5
Serbule Hills Simple Mining Survey 366 7
Serbule Hills White Mineral Survey 466 10
Serbule Hills Blue Mineral Survey 966 15
Serbule Hills Basic Mining Survey 966 15
Serbule Green Mineral Survey 1133 20
Eltibule Orange Mineral Survey 1633 25
Eltibule Good Mining Survey 1633 25
Serbule White Mineral Survey 1800 30
Eltibule Blue Mineral Survey 2966 35
Eltibule Expert's Mining Survey 2966 35
Eltibule Green Mineral Survey 3133 40
Eltibule Master's Mining Survey 4633 45
Eltibule Amazing Mining Survey 4800 50
Kur Mountains Simple Metal Motherlode Map 1733 28
Kur Mountains Basic Metal Motherlode Map 2900 33
Kur Mountains Good Metal Motherlode Map 4566 43


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor - x10


What do you need?
Can you remind me how surveying works?
Oh come on, weren't you paying attention? I taught you the recipe for making surveys. To get started, make a Serbule Hills Rubywall Crystal Survey. It'll show you a spot on the map. Go there, use the survey again to verify, and dig up the gems. Then rinse and repeat.
So I should make a Serbule Hills Rubywall Crystal Survey, and then use the survey to find more red crystals?
You got it right, yep. Practice making some surveys and get a little nest egg of red crystals, and then I can teach you how to survey for better stuff.
Okay, thanks. What exactly are these red crystals?
I dunno, but they're a huge time saver! They're the whole reason I'm working from here instead of somewhere nice. My old survey techniques required a lot of time and effort out in the hot sun, using a theodolite, making topographic maps, testing soil, all kinds of hard work. But these magic crystals seem to know things about the land, and it's easy to tap into their power.
... Actually, you know, they really creep me out. They're kind of scary. And they seem to be growing on their own -- there's more of 'em around than there was just a year ago.
But since they're all over the place in Serbule and Serbule Hills, we might as well use 'em!

Whatcha want? I'm working here.

Sorry to bother you. Just curious what you're working on.

I'm a surveyour. I'm surveyin'.

Like taking polls of opinions?
No, dummy. not that kind of survey! Land surveys! I'm prospecting for gems and ores.
Oh, that sounds valuable.
Eh, not really. I mean I make a living, but surveyin' costs are pretty high. So until I hit another motherlod, I'm just coastin' on my cash reserves.
Oh. Well I'll let you work.