Serbule Blue Mineral Survey

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How To Use

  • Mineral Surveys are maps to a specific mineral in a certain zone for use with Geology.
  • When a Mineral Survey is created it will say in the description what mineral it leads to.
  • When first used a highlight will appear on the map where the mineral is located. When used again at the location indicated the player will retrieve the mineral provided they have a high enough level in Geology and the mineral survey will disappear.

How To Obtain

Can be crafted through Surveying at level 15. It is taught by Jaime Fatholm.


The Serbule Blue Mineral Survey requires Geology level 8 to use and may lead to:

Amethyst, Blue Spinel, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian

Speed Bonus Rewards:

Piece of Green Glass, and more...