Bellema Deftwhisper

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Bellema Deftwhisper
Right of cave entrance.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:

A new face. Are you another trapper? Last three died, so good luck to ya. What do you think you're gonna trap up here?

Bellema Deftwhisper is an Aufghel Dwarf traveling around Gazluk with her soon-to-be husband Mox Warcut. Befriend her, and she may share her knowledge of the Crossbow.


Found near the campfire inside New Prestonbule Cave.


Items Sold[view/edit]

 100 councils 
 225 councils 

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Armor
  • Weapons

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 100 5,000
Comfortable 100 5,000
Friends 200 10,000
Close Friends 300 15,000
Best Friends 600 30,000
Like Family 50,000
Soul Mates 70,000


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Drinks
  • Loves Magic Crossbows
  • Loves Peridots Hint

Favor Rewards

Hang Outs

Practice shooting targets with crossbows (60m) [Comfortable]

See? Like that! The trick to aiming with the sight is to keep the damned thing still when you fire, so you don't get black eyes. And hey... I'm sorry about your black eye. Is your head feeling better yet? Keep this, practice later when you feel better!

10 favor
Gives you a Pounding Headache (debuff): -25 Max Power for one hour.

Gossip over a few beers (3h)

I mean, what would Rick see in a rakkie anyway? They have all that body hair... don't humans hate body hair? No, that's elves. I guess rakkies have fur, not hair. Still sounds uncomfortable. I bet rakkies' clothes pinch all the time!

Wait, I just had a thought. I bet when Sona comes in out of the snow, she smells like a wet dog! No, I haven't sniffed her, but I bet that's what wet rakkies smell like! *Gasp* And that's why rakkies love the desert! Holy crap, I think I had a revelation!

Or... it could be the stout talking. Anyway, I should get back to work. Thanks for chatting and drinking with me!

30 favor
You consume an alcoholic beverage. (Warning: This is a high level alcohol. It can easily result in death upon finishing the hangout if alcohol tolerance is low.)

Gossip over a few more beers (3h) - Complete "Gossip over a few beers"

oh, no, don't be silly. Mox didn't "love" Nadile. She was just a floozie he was living with.

... I guess she was his childhood friend... and he did follow her all the way to Kem Taruhr so he could be in the same university as her... and they fought in the goblin wars together... and then they started living together... oh crap! What have I done? He was IN LOVE with that naugrim!

I ... don't know how to feel. Hey, I'm going to break out the strong stuff and get REALLY hammered! ... No. I can't keep running from this. I'm gonna have to talk to Mox about Nadile. Here. Take this shite whisky so I'm not tempted.

30 favor

Catch up with Bellema after she talks with Mox (3h) - Complete "Gossip over a few more beers"

So I asked Mox straight out if he loved Nadile, and that was his reply: "yes, of course I loved her, do you think I'd just sleep with a woman I didn't love?" He was OFFENDED that I even asked! And rightly so. I'm a horrible monster. I should have let him out of the wedding arrangement. Maybe there's a clause... if we'd both agreed, we could have figured something out! But I thought he wanted this. And he's... well, just look at him, I know I wanted this... He said he wanted to marry me! Oh, why wouldn't he have told me?!

You're a good friend. Can you help me with this? I need to know how Mox really feels. He's angry at me right now and he's acting defensive. But he'll open up to you. Just hang out with him, get him to talk about Nadine. And about me. Will you do that please?

30 favor
Unlocks Hang Out with Mox Warcut "Talk about Nadile, Mox's old girlfriend"

Fill Bellema in on your Talk with Mox (3h?) - Complete "Talk about Nadile, Mox's old girlfriend" with Mox Warcut

He said WHAT about my rack?! I knew he was peeking at night, that pervert!

Thank you. You've helped put my mind at ease. I still don't know how I feel about taking him away from Nadile, but knowing that he's not sitting over there secretly broken-hearted -- that's a good thing! Cheers! And here. This is ... something embarrassing from my past that I don't want anymore.

27 favor



Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
 0 councils   [Comfortable] 
 50    20,000 councils   [Best Friends] 
icon_3648.png Knockback Bolt  3    350 councils   [???] 
icon_3649.png Fiery Bolt  5    450 councils   [???] 
icon_3650.png Acid Bolt  7    550 councils   [???] 
icon_3647.png Shoot Crossbow 2  10    700 councils   [Friends] 
icon_3648.png Knockback Bolt 2  13    1,350 councils   [Friends] 
icon_3649.png Fiery Bolt 2  15    1,450 councils   [Friends] 
icon_3650.png Acid Bolt 2  17    1,550 councils   [Friends] 
icon_3647.png Shoot Crossbow 3  20    1,700 councils   [Close Friends] 
icon_3648.png Knockback Bolt 3  23    2,350 councils   [Close Friends] 
icon_3649.png Fiery Bolt 3  25    2,450 councils   [Close Friends] 
icon_3650.png Acid Bolt 3  27    2,550 councils   [Close Friends] 
icon_3647.png Shoot Crossbow 4  30    2,700 councils   [???] 
icon_3648.png Knockback Bolt 4  33    4,350 councils   [???] 
icon_3649.png Fiery Bolt 4  35    4,450 councils   [???] 
icon_3650.png Acid Bolt 4  37    4,550 councils   [???] 
icon_3647.png Shoot Crossbow 5  40    4,700 councils   [???] 
icon_3648.png Knockback Bolt 5  43    6,850 councils   [???] 
icon_3649.png Fiery Bolt 5  45    6,950 councils   [???] 
icon_3650.png Acid Bolt 5  47    7,050 councils   [???] 
icon_3647.png Shoot Crossbow 6  50    7,200 councils   [???] 
icon_3648.png Knockback Bolt 6  53    9,850 councils   [???] 
icon_3649.png Fiery Bolt 6  55    9,950 councils   [???] 
icon_3650.png Acid Bolt 6  57    11,550 councils   [???] 
icon_3647.png Shoot Crossbow 7  60    11,700 councils   [???] 
Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
 50    20,000 councils   [Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_6266.png Amazing Arrowheads  50    4,800 councils   [Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_5116.png Amazing Arrow Shafts (Mineral Recipe)  50    4,800 councils   [???] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_5116.png Amazing Arrow Shafts (Organic Recipe)  51    6,500 councils   [Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_6258.png Amazing Arrow  53    6,565 councils   [Close Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_6261.png Amazing Barbed Arrow  54    6,600 councils   [Close Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_6260.png Amazing Long Arrow  56    7,665 councils   [Best Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_6262.png Amazing Dense Arrow  57    7,700 councils   [Best Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_6263.png Amazing Reservoir Arrow  58    7,733 councils   [Like Family] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_6264.png Amazing Snare Arrow  59    7,733 councils   [Like Family?] 


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - (Lv 70) or (Lv 70)
[Like Family] Favor - (Lv 70), (Lv 70),


Did that Human tell you to come bother me? Rick's always pretending he's more busy than me! What an ass. But I'm the more mature person... so what do you need to know about?

Tell me about this cave.
This cave is 'New Prestonbule.' Hahahahaha! Humans made that little town outside a few decades back. Called themselves Prestonbule, said they had a writ from the Council. The orcs played nice, tricked them into complacency, and once the praetor and his men went back to someplace warm, orcs killed everyone overnight. The few survivors came here, made 'New Prestonbule.' I guess the last of those idiots died a month ago.
Who was the survivor?
She was just a human. She looked... huh, you know, she looked a lot like you, actually. Wait, is your name... ?
(if player is Rakshasa) She was a rakkie like you. Had no tail, though. Wait, she had the exact same fur pattern you do... is your name... ?
Yes, that's my name...
She talked about you! How you're a spy and a traitor and... oh no. You're big in the Council! A praetor or something, right?
No. Maybe once, but my memories were stolen. I don't know this woman.
Well. That's odd. That's very odd. Well, I'll tell you what I know about her.
Please do!
She called you 'my Prodigy.' I figured that meant she was your mum. She was so disappointed in you. She never really gave me a straight answer why, just said you destroyed some school, ruined the family, doomed the country, blah blah blah. You know moms, always prone to hyperbole. What'd you do, sleep with someone from the wrong town or something?
What else did she say about me?
Um, let me think. I only got here a few days before she died. She said she was waiting for you. She knew you'd come here, a Councilwoman told her directly. Hah! As if the Council wizards talk to people directly! Oh... and she said she was going to kill you.
My mom was going to kill me?
No, no, it was hyperbole. I laughed, she grimaced, we switched to happier topics.
Well... how did she die?
She went out one morning and never came back. We looked for her, but it was snowing too hard. That was a month ago, so there's no hope for her.
I'm sorry. I know I'm an ass, but I didn't mean to break the news to you this way. I should have eased you into it! You just surprised me. This is partially your fault... you shoulda warned me you had kin here!
Are you gonna have a 'nervous breakdown?' That's what humans do when they get surprised about family death, right? Hmm, maybe Mox knows how to treat that... but probably not. Are you gonna be okay?
I'll be fine, don't worry. Do you know anything else about her?
She wasn't bad on the eyes. Older and dignified. She talked fancy and she knew some magic. But she didn't seem too dangerous... more into the sneaky magic than the deadly kind. She kept to herself. Very secretive. Told us to just call her 'Lady P,' which meant every day we'd come up with some insulting nickname instead, like Lettuce Patty or Louse Poison. She would just snarl. Haha!
I wish I knew more, but I only arrived here a week before she died. I didn't have time to break through her guard and make friendsies.
Did she leave any possessions behind?
Yeah, but not much. Rick claimed her stuff, so go ask him.
Okay. Well... That's a lot to take in. I'll talk to you later.
Tell me about the people in this cave.
Who do you want the dirt on?
Mox Warcut
Mox is my betrothed. That was arranged before either of us were born. He's okay. I hope he's good in the sack. But the wedding's still twenty years away.
You have a twenty year engagement period?
Thirty. That's the normal length. And no sex until then. Oh, it's worse for him than me, I can tell you that much! He used to shack up with this little naugrim. It broke his heart to kick her out. But contracts are contracts.
What's a 'Naugrim'?
Oh, it's... um. It's a not-very-nice word for a lady-dwarf. A borrowed elvish cussword, I think.
And he had no say in who he marries?
Of course he does! Dwarves aren't monsters! But if he didn't marry according to the contract, his parents would forfeit half their ownings to my family, and he couldn't do that. You know how it is.
Do you two love each other?
Eh, not yet. But we will. It takes about twenty years to really fall in love.
Rick Snapley
Rick's not so bad. I mean, he's a huge ass, and a thief, and you should never trust him with your valuables. I mean it! Do NOT loan him anything. But he's not so bad. He saved my life when an orc scouting party found our cave a few weeks ago. We were all asleep.
What did he do to the orcs?
Well, when Mox and I woke up, there were four orc corpses in a pile. Poisoned. To hear Rick tell it, he snuck around, invisible-like, and shived'em all! And that's when we realized he's not so bad. He could rob us blind in our sleep, or slit our throats. Dwarves are sound sleepers, for the most part, you know? And he doesn't. I guess that's a pretty low bar. But as humans go, he's not the worst. Just... don't trust him in any business deals.
Hemmit Magmagrip
Hemmit is Mox's best friend. Old army buddies. Hemmit's a mycologist and Mox's an alchemist. Same thing, right? To a layperson, yes, but if you ask Hemmit, you'll get an earful about the differences. Anyway, he came with Mox to do his own research.
What is Hemmit researching?
He came to study the fungi of the Gazluk region. But there's something else going on... Hemmit's the one who decided we had to stay here in this cave, rather than look for a more secure location. The reason? That circle of mushrooms over there. He says they're special. *Bellema shrugs* They probably are, because Hemmit's pretty smart. But they seem normal to me.

Bellema Deftwhisper

If the player is a Rakshasa, Bellema has this conversation instead:

A new face. Are you another trapper? Last three died, so good luck to ya. What do you think you're gonna trap up here?

A trapper? No... I'm more of a hunter.
(alternate) I'm not a trapper. I'm just passing through.

Oh great, another rakkie on his/her walkabout. You're in over your head here, kitten. The bears here love rakkie flesh! You're better off in the desert.

Thank you for your concern. But I'm not on... walkabout.

Well, I don't know your cat language. Su-falek? Something like that. Whatever you kitties call it: you're off exploring instead of settling down in Rahu. Just like Sona.

I'm not a citizen of Rahu.

Stop dancing around the point, rakkie. If you're not here on walkabout, why are you here?

When you stop being a racist asshole, I'll start answering questions.
(alternate) My reasons are complex. But I'm way more capable than you seem to think.

Ha! I like you, cat. Well I'm not gonna stop being racist, so you can keep your reasons to yourself. But I need you to promise me one thing...

What's that?

If a tundra bear maims you and you hobble back here, that's fine. We'll try to patch you up, or give you some calming herbs so you die in less pain. But if you get shot by *orcs*, don't come back here. Got it? Do NOT lead orcs back here. Please.

Orcs don't know about this cave?

Some do. But not the ones that count. We can handle the little tribes, but if Gazluk City orcs find us, we're fucked. And maybe you'll escape the chaos, yeah? But I swear on Vol himself that I will haunt you. I will haunt you so bad you take your own life.

I won't alert orcs to the cave, don't worry.

You seen the ghosts out in that old human town? Yeah. That'll be me! I'll haunt you and when you die I'll haunt your family. You can dispel me and I'll come right back. I will! Dwarf ghosts are the most persistent fuckers you've ever seen.

I said don't worry.

If I listened to every Rakshasa that told me not to worry, I'd be dead a hundred years ago. You don't get to decide what's worth worrying about! I do!


Fine! Okay. You're not going to get us killed, right? Good. So... nice to meet you.

Same to you.

So... what do you need from me?

From here, the conversation is the same as above.