Akhisa's Herald

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Akhisa's Herald
It watches you carefully.
North bridge exiting Serbule Keep.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:

A traveler is standing just outside of Serbule. He has something to offer you. (Speical Event).

You are not a spider, and thus you are a freak! A monstrosity! But I can help. I can give you true freedom and power: the form of a spider!

Akhisa's Herald is an Event NPC who first appeared outside of Serbule Keep in September 2016. When spoken to, he grants an Adventurer the blessing of Akhisa, the form of a Spider. He can also remove the blessing if you choose.


Location: Standing by the northern bridge.
Time Conditions: Spawns for certain events.

Previously Encountered Locations

September 2016
Serbule Keep northern gate.
February 17 - 19, 2016.
Serbule Keep northern gate.