Brugo the Wise

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Brugo the Wise
Paleontology Clan Outpost
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
These goblins are letting me study their work. But it is slow. In the meantime, I whittle.

Brugo the Wise

Brugo the Wise is an orc sage studying the art of Paleontology with Grakelsput's clan. A working understanding of Orcish (Level 25) is required to converse with Brugo.


Brugo the Wise is found under a canopy at the Paleontologist Clan Outpost in northwest Povus.


Small Talk [view/edit]

Favor Rewards

Brugo the Wise rewards his friends with access to training, as well as the occasional item.

Reward at [Close Friends]:

(Level 85, Exceptional - Legendary rarity)

Hang Outs


Brugo the Wise offers some quests around the Povus region.


Brugo will only train Whittling skills if you reach [Comfortable] favor and have at least Level 50 Carpentry.

Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
 0    [Comfortable] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6418.png Very Basic Whittling Practice  21  
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6421.png Basic Whittling Practice  32  
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6424.png Decent Whittling Practice  41  
 50     x99 + ?? councils 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6425.png Good Whittling Practice  51  
 60     x99 + ?? councils 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6419.png Semi-Expert's Whittling Practice  61  
 70     x99 + ?? councils 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6422.png Expert's Whittling Practice  71  
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6426.png Semi-Master's Whittling Practice  81  
Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6423.png Simple Whittling Knife  0    [Comfortable] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6423.png Basic Whittling Knife  20    [Friends] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6423.png Good Whittling Knife  40    [Close Friends] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6423.png Expert's Whittling Knife  60    [Best Friends] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_6423.png Master Whittling Knife  80    [Like Family] 




Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - ???
[Like Family] Favor - (Lv 85), ,


I am, of course, trained as a war mage, but I've come to realize that orcish war magic has its limitations. I'm seeking out unusual knowledge to find ways to improve our troops.

Brugo the Wise

Grakelsput knows many esoteric sciences. And he says that this is not uncommon in the Gob Lands deep beneath the ground. But why? Do goblins hoard their knowledge? Do they sell their secrets to other races? It's still a mystery to me.

Brugo the Wise

Whittling is a common orcish technique. It helps sharpen your reflexes with the knife! The resulting figurines are also entertaining.

Brugo the Wise

I understand, now, that while you appear a warrior, you are also a sage. Do not worry. I won't tell anyone. Here: perhaps these will help you in your journeys. I have a better pair!

Brugo the Wise - Close Friends