Lana Songtree

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Lana Songtree
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Young, cheerful, and wary.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:

Durstin looks at me like I'm still a child, but I'm a grown woman now! And I'm pretty resourceful. I mean, I survived for months in the haunted Sedgewick Forest when I was a little girl! I bet Samantha couldn't have done that! ... That was before the Goblins came, though, I admit.

Lana Songtree is a waitress at the Tapestry Inn in the Serbule Hills region. She can teach the Interpretive Dance skill. She was born in Fallowglade, and her family had gambling debts. When she was a child, Lana's step-mother abandoned her in the Sedgewick Forest at age ten. She was found and raised by an older lady who taught her various alchemical concoctions. She is friends with Jara.

Welcome to the Tapestry Inn! We have beds for rent and good food and drink. Talk to Durstin for food though. I just do drinks!
Thanks! Can you tell me more about the inn?
I only started working here a year ago, so I don't know its history. If you mean why there's no tapestries in the 'Tapestry Inn,' it's because Durstin's wife Samantha died. She was the one who named the place and took care of stuff, I guess. I never met her. But anyway he sold all the decor! I've been trying to get him to buy one small tapestry, just so people don't keep asking about it, but he's stubborn.
Thank you for the info.
Who do I ask about renting a bed?
Durstin can help you with that. But be warned: the nightly rate is insane! Durstin doesn't like to clean the beds, so he charges way too much. My advice: butter him up some. He'll give you a reasonable rate.
Thanks for the info.


Serbule Hills
Bar at the Tapestry Inn.


Small Talk [view/edit]

Favor Rewards

At Comfortable: Teaches Interpretive Dance.


  • Repelling a Bear To start this quest, talk to Lana Songtree in Serbule Hills. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.

    Response to player

    What's this? Oh. From Lana in the inn? I told her not to bother! Bear repellent might cause an attacking bear to go away, but this bear is literally living in my barn! I'm not gonna try to repel it, it'd just kill me! Why doesn't she listen?! Human youth are so stupid!

    Sigh... but no, don't tell her that. Tell her thanks, and that I appreciate it and I'll try it out soon.

  • The Sweater

    To start this quest, talk to Lana Songtree in Serbule Hills. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.

    • Obtain x10
    • Talk to Lana Songtree


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x10
[Like Family] Favor - x10