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She stares past you, as if she is watching you and many other things all at once.
Southeast of Serbule Keep.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
Knife Fighting, Blacksmithing

The Winter Queen has had a minor setback in arriving. I am her envoy and I come bearing gifts. Winter is a time of death, yes, but death is a part of life. You may be destined to die in the cold, but it is not because we hate you.

Bahdba is the trainer for the Knife Fighting skill. She also sells the Blacksmithing recipes for the throwing knives used by said skill.

She is only temporarily visiting Serbule, and will return to the fey realms in a month or two. Hint

Mortal, you are worthy to join the Winter Queen in her annexation of this world. I come bearing gifts of knowledge. Do you wish to join us?

What's the offer?

I offer martial prowess unknown to locals of this land. Your blade techniques are crude in comparison to what I can teach you. With but a small knife, I can kill anything. I can teach you a fraction of this skill and you can spend your tiny lifespan attempting to master it.

You want to teach me something in exchange for... what?

Acceptance of the Winter Queen, of course. She will arrive in this realm soon. When she does, the world will surely bow to her grace. Winter is your fate. And winter always means death... but if you side with her, you shall be allowed to live out your tiny lifespan unhindered.

I'm not ready to swear fealty to any fairy.

The Winter Queen does not demand fealty without showing reasons for respect. Today I shall teach you a tiny fragment of Winter knowledge -- a tease, as the Spring folk say. You will then have one year to make your decision. We are confident you will choose wisely.

So you'll teach me knowledge for free? No obligations?

Bahdba rolls her eyes in exasperation.... Fine, yes, that is an adequate interpretation of the facts. Stand still and I shall grant you your boon.

Um, no thank you. Goodbye.
Okay! Give me the knowledge!

I have placed the knowledge into your brain. The knowledge should unfold naturally with practice. There are some side-effects, but you seem to have survived the casting, so it's unlikely the side-effects will be permanent.

Ow! Uh. Thanks, I guess.

Thank the Winter Queen, not I, for were it my decision to make, your world would be awash in icy blood already. But the Queen believes your 'help' may be important. The Queen is wise... but we shall see. Now go enjoy your tiny lifespan.


I understand your world's god of death... 'Vol', I believe? Yes, Vol has endorsed the Winter Queen's arrival. So I do not foresee any serious issues with claiming this world. So enjoy this moment of sunshine. Winter brings its own gifts, but this accursed warmth will never be felt by you again.


She is located in the Stonehenge-like ruins to the southeast of the keep, near Tyxr the Guardian Elemental.


Knife Fighting

Hamstring Throw, Hamstring Throw 2, Hamstring Throw 3,
Hamstring Throw 4, Hamstring Throw 5, Hamstring Throw 6
Fan of Blades, Fan of Blades 2, Fan of Blades 3, Fan of Blades 4


Simple Throwing Knife, Basic Throwing Knife, Good Throwing Knife,
Expert's Throwing Knife, Master's Throwing Knife, Amazing Throwing Knife,
Astounding Throwing Knife, Awesome Throwing Knife