The Bat in the Hat

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The Bat in the Hat
Scary, yet stylish.
Event NPC
Random locations.
Also appears in Serbule Hills
Giant Bat
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:

Hey there!

Do you like treats? Of course you do! EVERYBODY likes treats! I'm looking for some particular treats myself. If you can bring them to me, I'll give you an exclusive treat that you won't find anywhere else... unless you can get it from one of those admin people, but I hear you might not have much luck.

Bring me (item) and (item) and I'll trade you one of these treats. Don't tell the admins where you're getting this from, they might despawn me if they find out! I'm not sure what despawning is, but it doesn't sound very fun.

The Bat in the Hat is an Event NPC who first appeared outside of Serbule during Halloween 2019. When he appears in Serbule or Serbule Hills, adventurers have one hour to find him and deliver his requested items in exchange for a reward.


Often found on large rocks.

Previously distributed items

Halloween 2019