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Lost in his own thoughts.
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Huh? Where...oh. I wasn't asleep! I was just thinking about something very far away. Now move along!

Ultashk acts as a guardsman for the band of goblins led by Malvol. Fluency in Goblinese (25) is required to talk to him.


Hogan's Basement
Guarding the staircase gate.


Ultashk offers a quest the first time someone asks to pass through the gate he guards. Subsequent openings of the gate will cost 500 Councils.


What d'ya want?

Hey, how do I get through that gate?

What'd ya think? You pull the lever. Well, you don't pull the lever, I pull the lever. My job.

Sounds good! So can you pull it? I need to go through the gate.

He draws himself up.

Beyond this gate lies certain death! I guard it, because my position in the clan is very important!

Also because Malvol says he'll kick my ass if I don't. Hah! Like that's gonna happen. He's barely got a clan anymore.

What's down there?

I told you, certain death. At the hands of goblins, and we like to make it hurt. Have fun!

Thanks! But I see that you are not pulling the lever. Are you going to pull it or not?

Don't be a prick. I got no reason to trust you. Maybe if you show I can trust you, show you're reliable, maybe then I'll open the gate.

And how do I do that?

You rub my feet enough, I might rub yours. Not feet, though - more like bring me some premium candle wax lard. Then we'll see if I let you in.

Where do I get that?

I don't know. Do I look like a candlemaker?

He thinks.

Candle wax lard makes candle wax, right? Maybe that will work. If you can't find the lard, just bring candle stumps. Whatever. At least three! I need a big-ass candle.

You got it.


Yeah, yeah, thanks for all your help or whatever. I don't think it's going to work. I'm just going to buy a frigging candle. Now get outta here - I'm busy.

Doing what? You're just standing here not pulling the lever.

Little personal, don't ya think? What, you want a list of all my kinks too?

Maybe later? Right now I need to get through this gate. I've got things to do!
Perv. I was thinking about someone. I was planning.
Fine by me. Can I got in now?
Asshole. I may trust you a little better now, but I'm nobody's doorgoblin. And now I need to buy a frigging candle. So pay up if you want through! 500 coins.
500 coins? Seriously? Fine.
Yeah, yeah. Get outta here.
No. Nope. Hard no. Open the gate.

Ultashk after completing quest.