Hogan's Basement

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Hogan's Basement
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Map of Hogan's Basement (click for larger size)
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Map by BetaNotus (9/20)

Hogan's Basement is the name given to the tunnels and storerooms under Hogan's Keep, a once abandoned guardhouse The Council granted ownership of to the staff-wielder Hogan. [Close Friends] of Hogan can be granted permission to enter Hogan's Basement, where a band of Goblins has been granted permission to establish an encampment.

Malvol acts as the leader for a Goblin Clan who escaped slavery (in Goblin customs, slavery is the term for a war contract with another clan or client). Seeking to establish a home for his clan and family, he sought protection in the Eltibule region. Malvol leads the clan while his "wife" Gorvessa cooks and aids in protection. She admits to serving in his "harem", but maintains that she is a Shield expert and teacher at heart. While most of the clan remains loyal to Malvol, prospective clan-leader Rubgag has begun to organize a takeover from deep in the dungeon.

Points of Interest

Basement Floor 1

Found at the top of the spiral staircase, this floor has an exit to Hogan's Keep outside.

Basement Floor 2: Entrance

The ground floor of the basement, a variety of rooms border a long hallway eventually leading to a spiral staircase.

Hogan's Room

A room used by Hogan close to the main exit of the basement. This room contains a writing table which can be used to write books, and a bookshelf that features player-written literature.

Goblin Camp

Malvol's encampment near the main exit to the Keep above is home to his loyal goblin clan members.

Candle Making Station

A locked room with a Candle Making Station and recipe book for candles.

Accessing Candle Making Room

Pull the middle lever on the nearby wall-mounted lever group.

Basement Floor 3: Barracks

This floor is swarming with many goblins loyal to Rubgag, who plots behind a locked room in the south-easternmost part of this level.

Unlocking Rubgag's Room

To reach Rubgag, four keys must be obtained. Unlocking Rubgag's room will not consume the keys, but opening Rubgag's Chest will.

Basement Floor 4: Kitchen

A floor used for preparing meals and storage. Many Ratkin slaves work here.

Basement Floor 5: Bear Pits

A lower floor used by the goblin clan to train Pit-fighting Bears.

Basement Floor 6

Found at the bottom of the spiral staircase, this floor has an exit to Hogan's Keep outside.

Dungeon Chests

Three chests are scattered throughout the dungeon. All refill 24 hours after being opened.

  • Junk Box - Not locked.
  • Ornate Chest - Locked.
  • Rubgag's Chest - Locked.

Opening the Ornate Chest

Requires the item , taken from Minizhemu.

Opening Rubgag's Chest

Use the four keys used to access Rubgag's room. The keys will be consumed when used on the chest.

Hogan's Basement Inhabitants






    (Grain Sack) (Barrel of Liquid)
    (Grain Stack) (Scroll)



    • It may be useful to use an All chat tab while exploring this dungeon, to see the in-game messages about doors unlocking!


    • Prior to the October 10, 2022 game update, the entrance to Hogan's Basement was a large door located on the inside wall of the keep.
    • Prior to the 9/10/2020 game update, Hogan's Basement was just a much smaller dungeon with no monsters.
    • The Under Construction sign in the dungeon is a reference to the previous version of the map, which had a wooden sign promising future additions.