Beast Speech

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Beast Speech
Skill in speaking while in the form of an animal or monstrous beast.
Skill Type:
Beast Skill
Max Level:
Any Beast Form
Skill Trainers:
This player needs to work on their Beast Speech.

Help Mooo get Mooo in Mooo Mooo I need Moooo!

— "A player who stumbled onto Maronesa"

Beast Speech Overview

Beast Speech is a skill that helps you make sense when you chat with other players while in beast form. When the skill is low, random words spoken in chat will be replaced by an animal sound of the same length. For example "help" might become "mooo", which is rather inconvenient!

In-Game Description

Skill in speaking while in the form of an animal or monstrous beast.

Training Beast Speech

  • Send a chat message while in a Beast Form.
  • Corpse Talking - A player who was once transformed into a Beast Form but did not speak in chat may learn the skill through Corpse Talking.

Connected Skills

  • None
Secondary Skills:
  • Beast Forms - All Adventurers in a Beast Form will learn Beast Speech.

Beast Speech Mechanics

Improving Beast Speech

Beast Speech will continue to randomly gain experience over time as you continue to talk in chat. Gradually, less words will be replaced by beastly sounds.

Level up Rewards

There are no level up rewards for Beast Speech.


It was once common for Beast Speech to be one of the first skills a player obtained. When the Tutorial Cave was the new-player experience, Maronesa had the honor of being the first boss players encountered.