Fire Spider

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Fire Spider
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Very Ineffective:
Fire, Cold, Poison, Acid
Fire Spiders are large Arthropods found in the hills of Eltibule. A seeming contradiction, these flaming spiders can both poison a player and shoot fireballs at them. Fire Spiders can be a reliable source for Fire Dust.


Vitals: Health 227 Armor 263 Rage 398
Location: Found along the Norther edge of the map.
Fae Realm
Vitals: Health 2013 Armor 1945 Rage 2152
Location: Found on the fire-themed hill.

Combat Abilities

icon_3017.png Crushing Damage
icon_3069.png Ranged Fire Damage
Rage-icon.png icon_2131.png Heavy Poison Damage


Skin: None
Meat: None
Skull: None

Reported Loot

General Loot