The Wintertide

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The Wintertide
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Map of The Wintertide (click for larger size)
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Map by BetaNotus (9/20)

This is the WNS Wintertide. Well, that's its name now. It's a nethership! It can travel in any realspace or even in structured spacetime windows created by gods. It's not very fast, but it can carry a lot of stuff.

Last season, it was the SAV Murderberry, and we explored the multiverse seeking adventure and technology! It was AMAZING!

Ensign Cricket

The Wintertide is a Winter Court Navy nethership tasked with the observation of the Fae Realm adjacent to Realm U39X. Under the command of Captain Evergloam, The Wintertide holds both a breeding area for Arcta Hippogriff and a laboratory used by a genius mortal scientist.

Points of Interest

Entrance Deck

This level of The Wintertide is used to send soldiers to and from the Fae Realm. Anyone passing through the portal from the surface will need to display a

Laboratory Deck

The uppermost deck of The Wintertide is the Laboratory Deck, home to the super-strength endowed Abominable Soldiers created by scientist Dalvos the Creator as part of a deal with the Winter Court.

Command Deck

The central deck of the nethership holds both the frostyArcta Hippogriff chambers and the Bridge.

Cargo Deck

The lowest deck of The Wintertide is a cargo deck filled with captured specimens from visited realms.

Engineering Deck

Likely the most important part of The Wintertide, The engineering level is home to a variety of creatures with fire-affinity.

The Wintertide Inhabitants






        Silver Hippogriff Chest

        Engineering Deck Chest

        Cargo Deck Chest

        Identification Gland Chest