Animal Nexus

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Animal Nexus
Animal Nexus (map).png
Map of Animal Nexus (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
30 - 35
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

This shouldn't be here! From inside you smell cold, and bear, and fear.

The Animal Nexus is a cavern formed in a Fae Nexus realm which became connected to Eltibule. These ever-shifting, twisted caverns can connect any number of realms, but this one is unusually stable. Fae creatures, presumably dispatched by the Winter Court have made this cave their home and spilled out into the Eltibule region. Already, The Mauler, The Mangler, and Fey Panther Groupies have entered Eltibule from this Nexus! The outside of the cavern resembles a standard magical portal, but is classified as a Strange Gateway and is locked.

Click Expand to view the method to open the Animal Nexus

A key can be obtained by bartering with Percy Evans after reaching friends favor with him. A Enchanted Bear Claw or Magic Tooth must be bartered to receive a key.

Points of Interest

Winterprize Crystals

is a rare crystal which grows in Fae Nexus caves. These crystals are a valuable crafting ingredient, used to produce Maximized gems. The crystals found in the Animal Nexus can be gathered every three hours. To harvest the crystals, a vial of
is needed for each crystal.

Junk Chests

Three chests, likely supplies left in the tunnels by Winter Fae and their Trolls, exist that slowly refill with Level 35-40 Equipment. These chests are on a 24-hour timer.





    Minerals & Metals


    • When the Animal Nexus was first discovered, a passage between The Masher and The Magnifier allowed direct access to the void, granting the often desired death Fell off the world. This passage was later blocked off in a patch.