Art History

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Art History
Understanding of the rich history of art in Alharth.
Skill Type:
Trade Skill
Max Level:
Skill Trainers:

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Art History Overview

Art History is a specialized skillset that's often viewed as pointless by the common folk. Adventurers, Historians, Librarians, and Travelers may wish to study the skill, for identified paintings are worth much more than those left unidentified.

In-Game Description

Understanding of the rich history of art in Alharth.

Training Art History

Jesina, a Fairy merchant operating out of Eltibule, may be willing to teach the skill to anyone willing to help her rescue her sister from slavery.

Connected Skills

  • None
Secondary Skills:
Related Skills:
  • Artistry - A somewhat related skill that deals with creating paintings. Currently, Artistry is only used to carve pumpkins and craft Fireworks.


Unidentified Painting

This unidentified pastoral seems to be in good condition.

Requires Art History Level 5

Value: 10

Right-Click to Appraise

The painting when you take it off the dungeon walls.
Peaceful Scene

A lovely scene. Perhaps it was created by Mirkym — it has her signature approach to foliage — but probably just created in the same style by an admirer of her work.

Value: 250
A painting that has been identified.

Unidentified Paintings are often found in dungeons. Sometimes, defeated wild animals are found to have eaten a painting.

  • Serbule Crypt : There are a few rooms with platforms and ledges from which you can grab paintings.
  • Goblin Dungeon : Paintings are found throughout this dungeon. The goblins seem to have stashed the higher value paintings deeper in the dungeon.

In general, paintings with higher values will give more xp when identified. They can also be identified by their golden border, instead of the normal brown one. Here are a few examples of identified paintings, roughly in order of increasing value:

Painting Value
Student Painting 10
Bland Waterfall Painting 20
Forest Painting 30
Well-Framed Painting 40
Goblin Painting 50
Numbered Etrigard Painting 100
Peaceful Scene 250
Reproduction of "Fortress Five" 1000

Art History Mechanics

Identifying Paintings

To identify an Unidentified Painting, simply right-click on the painting to appraise its true value.

Art History Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
10 +1 to Artistry
20 +1 to Lore
30 +1 to Artistry
40 +1 to Lore
50 +1 to Artistry


The developers once suggested that player-created paintings might become a reality some day!